cornered_buddha (cornered_buddah) wrote in _discussion,

Are you following the Occupy Movement(s) presently? Do you know what their stated goals are?

Have your opinions about the occupy movement changed since they've begun? How so?

For myself, I've been in awe over just how far things have gone and impressed with the resolve of people and the resiliency of the movement keeping itself non-violent and coherent. The longer this goes on, the more solidarity people seem to be building over differences like race, age, religion, and the like.

I'm holding on to my hope that this ends well, though the government agencies opposing these movements are beginning to get a bit more violent. Unfortunately (for the goals of disrupting the movement) this will only foster more sympathy and support for the movement.

Winter is coming, yes. But winter coming will likely be a bigger problem for the police officers than the protesters: they get paid the same in rain or snow and, from what I've seen in the myriad of videos I've been watching, they've already begun showing signs of stress at their role in the matter.

I vote the changes requested by protesters will be met. I vote, change will come.

What say you?

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