cornered_buddha (cornered_buddah) wrote in _discussion,

"To Serve and Protect", a familiar phrase in the English-speaking world.

The practice of this phrase is debatable.

On the topic of police officers returning to the "serving" side of their stated-purpose, in hopes that it will amplify the "protect" side: I've got some minor solutions I'd like to ask you to comment on.

(1) Make cops carry out monthly non-police tasks in plain-clothes or a non-police uniform (no badge, no gun, no ability to claim being a cop in any way) as part of required salaried labor.
-Some examples of what I mean:picking up trash at parks, helping kids cross the street during school-hours, coaching teams, volunteering more generally, being parking-meter faeries (saving people from paying for over-due parking situations).

(2) Install speed-recorders in police cars. Ever seen a cop speeding? Ya, me too.

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