March 19th, 2011

Catastrophic earthquake in Japan, dead missing ppl 17,665? as of today

 Hi! I am surviving here in Japan!! 

Nekosensei kindly came over to my account on Twitter this morning, and I thought it's good to come over here and write something about earthquake.    So here I am to inform you guys that I am fine!

As you know, on the March 11th, there were some 17,000 people were reported dead or missing in Japan's largest earthquake in northern area. We are in deep sorrow and can't stand still but there is not so many things we, living in other safe area, can do to help, give food, the shelter for the ppl who have tormented under this cold weather.

Now is Fukushima's power plant crisis. The Radiation level are high, so each time, the news gives us a fear. Many ppl seem to have evacuated from the city, which is good….Also there are so many different kind of intricate information here and there. This time, I felt that we are so fragile on the nuclear power radiation even though we are the only one country who had gone through this, which means we hadn't made use of our experience through the war. The people in general hardly ever learned about radiation's harm toward the human body in school or as a common sense, we don't have enough knowledges on this matter. So some expert say, the households around the nuclear power  plant area, they need to close the window; should not use the air conditioner (so that the air would come into the house); cover the mouth by wet towel; wear a hat, not to expose the skin. Only these are the general advice. Have you ever experienced the natural disaster?
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