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OK these info is what u all need to know 4 today, ain't gonna edit shit in my backentryWasteofTime

11:26AM ET: 3/29/18: ok these info is what u all need to know 4 today, I ain't gonna edit shit in my backentries, back dates and backstories in my lj recent and back log entries archives most recent, u mofos got a malware apps that revert my mispellings anyway so it's a waste of my time to fix it, correct my misspellings and log off of my lj and then go back to see it my edit and mispellings have been saved and corrected, I see that u mofos have a malware apps already running to revert it back to my mispellings, so  fuck u assholes, there u go, ain't worht my time, the world can figure out my mispellings of the words, ....anyway, moving onward, this is what u all need to know some stuff to bring out: there's a smartmail in library computer it's email tool for declude or for marketing email pro crap so it can be an anti-malware/virus device and also a marketing email tool: I saw a laptop smartmail listed on google chrome, this smartmail or smartermail tool is run by apple store and also a tool that can go either way to bypass primary email to 2nd email recipients, what ya think that's gonna get a 2nd or 3rd party smartmailer to access emails address and pages, or get ipi for ur marketing slogan and shit, yeah ok, it's basically a catch 22, used as a declude, look that up 'cuz I blantantly made sure the criminal reference library staffer mrs. maureen toole, descendant of  gangster james 'spike' o'tooles, I made sure to have her and her staff do some real work and help, made them look up the word declude, in their face, as if I didn't already know the meaning of the word, seriously it was a big hint for the criminal little library staffer little shitheads playing fucking BS politics & set-up, malware set-up with me, so if u all do't know what the word declude means it means verbatumly taken out of internet look up: a comprehensive email defense solution which incorporates anti-virus , anti-=spam hijack prevention threat mangement and security flaw scanning,...that's the smartermail tool and the smartmail tool is a marketing commerce campaign to help companies both criminal and legit with their ecommerce personalized email campaign, hmmm,...like I said extracting shit from my stuff ain't gonna help, it's only gonna confirm the fact that I'm the real one, the real royal holy-grail-illuminati-bloodline kid u all stole, and like I said before, ur very existance & ur companies' very existance is made (ipi) out of my very existance that means ur screwed, 'cuz we're all in this together, u screw with me ur screwed ursleves, case in point, smoe recent companies are under fire, fucked and bankrupted from the toys industries to the seafood industries to the computer industries to the entertainment industies, need I elaborate and say more, I'm sure u all can read listen to the news and know exactly what individual companies and head CEo, founders are getting screwed big time, 'cuz we all know u screwed with me and set-me up, that's it the long and short of it all, u all know, I tell it as it is straight up, & that's the way it should be and that's the way I like it, point balnk! They heard me loud and clear this morning about the pornographic materials yesterday on number7 computer that the camo cap douchbag was viewing, & they heard me today straight up telling it loud and clear that this sort of stuff was going on since 2016, back then I didn't reem out anyone, looked the other way, 'cuz it wasn't my biz, I didn't care what the fuck these criminal cronies were doing 'cuz I didn't know who was who who was my allies and who was my enemy, like that 2 face george p cotsonas /georeg t cotsonas, who's a fake la costa bloodline: 2 face mofo befriended me in 2016 with his friend frank who gave him his ipad & george cotsonas then insisted to help me out with filming my vid clips since 6/19/16 all my computer gadget got rigged up, shut down, my laptop, cell, iphone, ipod, ipad, etc,...turns out george cotsonas had another motive hack in hack out & cover-up with the vid clips saved on my usb drive and his ipad, sneaking son of a bitch,...right around te same time 2016 these criminal douchbags were watching pornographic materials on the public library computers jerking off like a jerk off, like george gruber, cronie of sea watch intl & that fucking camo cap guy and others to name a few, I fucking know, I saw what they were doing back then in 2016 & some even sat next to the computer that I was using, i could have thrown up, but decided to move away back then in 2016, but times change, knowledge is power, now I know no-one in this fucked up set-up nj manalapan library branch and system are friends of mine they have vested interest, and are playing a deadly game, trying to set me up, god forbid kill me off along with other stle royal kids they've already stole before me and cover it up and get away with murder and get away with replacing us with fakes using our real royal names for power, fame, fortune, etc,...So, yeah that change my whole thinking and frame of mind, whe it's my life and innocent lives are involve no fucking way I'm gonna look the other way, or let anything fishy illegal border line criminal activities, no way in hell I'm gonna let it sly mofos, it's definitely gonna be documented and exposed of the filth and criminal activities that going on here in this nj libraries and world wide, that's 4 sure!

Minimum Wage = Fewer Jobs

Question 1:

So, the MN small business owner with enough cash for two $7.25/hr. unskilled teenage workers at his shop gets told he now must pay $9.50/hr. He decides to get by with one $9.50/hr. unskilled teenage worker. How has the minimum wage hike helped the unemployed teen?

Question 2:

A MN small business is in the habit of hiring people at the $7.25 minimum wage. After 9 months of proven work and acquiring skills, the owner has enough cash to offer a raise to $8.50. After a year and a half, some workers get a further bump to $9.50, since their skill and output allows the boss to afford it. Everyone at the job understands that sound work and output, over time, bumps you up the levels. Now, MN tells the business owner that his lowest level unskilled workers must get what he used to pay his most experienced help. How should he address the situation if his payroll is held at the same level by the economy?


A local shop owner posted a mini rant on what he called showrooming. He said that people come into his shop, wander the sales floor shopping, when what he really says they're doing is photographing his wares with their phones, to buy online for less.

He calls these people "dishonest, stupid and short-sighted."

Is it?

I can see that it's short-sighted, if people wish local Mom & Pop shops to survive.

I can see that he thinks they're stupid.

Is it all of these things, though?

At what point is it acceptable to limit speech?

In my home town there is a small group of activists that have been trying to get people to boycott Israel. They have set up protests outside of grocery stores that cary Israeli made products. They have also protested outside of synagogues. 

Recently a former member of this group (former because the other members consider his messages to be too extreme and detrimental to the goals of their cause) attempted to pay for a boycott Israel advertisement to be displayed on the side of city buses. This is a link to the advertisement:


The proposed add says: "Boycott Israel, Boycott Apartheid"
There is also a poorly drawn cartoonish image of a spider with a skull for its head, holding in its hands bones.

The ad was rejected by the government body that oversees the public buses. They justified banning the ad because they have a policy against accepting adds that "Defames or is likely to hold up to scorn or ridicule a person or group of persons."

I guess in a certain light its pretty obvious to see that this ad defames Israel, and by extension Israelis, by the very fact that it calls for a boycott against Israel. But perhaps you could go a step further and argue that the image is not dissimilar to images that were used by Nazis to drive public opinion against Jews in 1930s Germany, and thus constitutes defamation of Jews in general.

Seeing the arguments that people have been getting into over this incident, typical pro and anti Israel propaganda notwithstanding, I got to thinking about what kinds of speech are acceptable in the public sphere and in the advertising sphere as well. When should speech be curtailed? Is defamation enough of a reason to prevent someone from saying something? At what point is it OK to censor speech? Should there be different standards for printed media and spoken media? Is it OK to have special rules for advertisements that are different for speech in other media? Should government entities be given discretion to decide when a particular image or phrase amounts to defamation given that politics can heavily influence someone's opinion, and that such authority could potentially be used to stifle political speech of political opponents?