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_dirrty_pop_'s Journal

POP! _Fanatics
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to _dirrty_pop_! This community is dedicated to fans of the pop culture and of pop music!

This community is mainly for users to post information about their favorite pop stars, from news, icons, photos, tour dates, and opinions on others, along with the views about the ever-flowing pop culture of today! Though being that this is a very easy-going community, there are still some rules.
The full community screen is better viewed 1024x768 as a resolution!
1. No abuse or hatred is tolorated against other users. You will simply be banned.

2. Nude photos of stars is strictly against the rules. Nudity=Porn which equals banning.

3. For those who post icons, please use LJ-Cut codes. If you don't know that code, view the FAQ's. We love icon-makers! If you are a beginner, attempt to post! All are accepted.
Icon Rules
1. Share with others
2. If you are taking from others, please credit them.
3. No editing icons unless directed by the creator.

4. News Articles-Please place news articles and any photos under LJ-Cuts also, thank you.

5. Respect others likings to a certain popstar! Everyone has different Opinions.

More Updates soon to come! This is a brand new community and it is still under major construction.

Your Maintainers,
the_xtina_fan & dirrtyboi4u