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important internet stalkers

x-posted to many communites, we need 2 get the message out there!!!!

hay everyone

i had a friendz only livejournal account for a couple of monnths this year. it was somehow hacked into by these guyz. they took private photos from me n my friendz in swinsuits at a pool party and put them up on some dirty sites! :( i had 2 delte my journal and everything... they removed them now, but im still really scared 4 my privacy. a friend of mine finally found the hackers who did it and who put it up on there site. itz really creepy...on there interests they have things like violent rape and rape fantasies.. im only 14 im scared. :x

ban them from ur journal or theyll take ur photos too

just copy and paste them here


ban_set a_white_rain
ban_set abbycadabra
ban_set advoir
ban_set aetas_lupus
ban_set ajhalluk
ban_set anemone_
ban_set angelnanowrimo
ban_set angelofmercy
ban_set angstlover
ban_set anneelise
ban_set arrmaitee
ban_set ashy_boi
ban_set asukasouryu
ban_set baka_neko314
ban_set bakayaro_onna
ban_set bel_baggins
ban_set beren_writes
ban_set bijjy
ban_set blacksilver
ban_set blondetaters
ban_set blythely
ban_set bord_du_rasoir
ban_set calaiskenobi
ban_set calicedesang
ban_set cassieclaire
ban_set chi_kara
ban_set chibi_vegeta
ban_set chibiakki
ban_set chibiryoko2001
ban_set cicer
ban_set circe_tigana
ban_set cyntigre
ban_set dahlia_777
ban_set daimeryan_rei
ban_set daizex
ban_set damned_queen
ban_set dark_yami_yugi
ban_set ddraigcoch
ban_set desenchantee11
ban_set desiivy
ban_set diagonalist
ban_set dianethx
ban_set dondarkstalker
ban_set dracavia
ban_set dragon_charmer
ban_set dragongirl16
ban_set dragonheart287
ban_set embyquinn
ban_set emmagrant01
ban_set epicyclical
ban_set evenstarslight
ban_set evil_francesca
ban_set evilnightngale
ban_set fearlessdiva
ban_set flashbacca
ban_set forchancookie
ban_set foxcat42
ban_set franciscanorder
ban_set franling
ban_set g0dforsaken
ban_set gates_of_hypnos
ban_set geoviki
ban_set glimmergirl
ban_set godonthewater
ban_set guardianista
ban_set h3salthea
ban_set hawkeyesmartini
ban_set honeydew_melon
ban_set hotnlazy
ban_set icequeen_tpz
ban_set immature_imp
ban_set imthinkingno
ban_set jadesolo
ban_set juliechan
ban_set kabussj
ban_set kadorienne
ban_set kahlannightwing
ban_set kaialicious
ban_set kashieseidolon
ban_set kcwriter
ban_set keelywolfe
ban_set kiarene
ban_set kirixchi
ban_set lady_suzuran
ban_set ladyrogue79
ban_set lavnderrain
ban_set layren
ban_set lev
ban_set lil_pyxie
ban_set lily_angel
ban_set liroa15
ban_set lisstheniffler
ban_set littlebee55
ban_set littledictator
ban_set lunarsensitive
ban_set mad_about_fics
ban_set mad_about_yaoi
ban_set manatease
ban_set manawolf
ban_set maria_chan
ban_set maryshelley
ban_set miggy
ban_set mira_fastfire
ban_set mirai_may
ban_set misskrisss
ban_set mistressrenet
ban_set morwennac
ban_set mynameisrobyn
ban_set na_no_nai
ban_set naamah_darling
ban_set nakami
ban_set neven
ban_set northern_rain
ban_set nurseniknak
ban_set obi_ew
ban_set oceansidepraise
ban_set onlykindalost
ban_set onna_crap
ban_set otana
ban_set outside_of_time
ban_set pareathe
ban_set percy_weatherby
ban_set phedre_verreuil
ban_set phyrnyt
ban_set powergoddess
ban_set radiophlegm
ban_set rdb
ban_set reality_hammer
ban_set reanna_c
ban_set red_roseknight
ban_set resonant8
ban_set rev_otana
ban_set roni_a_doni
ban_set ryokoblue
ban_set sadieko
ban_set sakabatou
ban_set scarlett_wfu
ban_set shaindl
ban_set shamera
ban_set sharperedge
ban_set sherant
ban_set shuu_aki
ban_set silly_cindy
ban_set silverbookworm
ban_set smut_invictus
ban_set sonkikyo
ban_set spacefille
ban_set starflowers
ban_set strategery
ban_set summer_starr
ban_set swaggled
ban_set switchknife
ban_set sxe_stylee
ban_set talons_ouches
ban_set talonsage
ban_set tessafabulous
ban_set thebratqueen
ban_set tipperdip
ban_set titti
ban_set tokie
ban_set tranus
ban_set valarltd
ban_set will_lloyd
ban_set wind_chijmes
ban_set winnowill2
ban_set xenophyle
ban_set xero_sky
ban_set xxhlbxx

pass this list around we dont wont these kind of people ruining ljay. :(

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