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SO heres a story for you kind people!

There onve was a girl names amanda and sh had a best friend . this best friend fucked amanda over by doing stuff with the guy amanda wa strying to get with. this made amanda sad.

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Thenn amanda remembered that the best friend had a boyfriend that she'd cheated on many times.. amanda was going to get her best friend back!
Amanda told kyle (the boyfriend) and he broke up with the bestfriend!
This made amanda VERY HAPPY!!!

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Amanda and kyle stayed friends and hung out alot. Then one day at amandas house after watching the Ringer and playign time crisis 2 amanda and kyle were in amandas room watching nonsence on the TV when they started a heart shaped sweet tart war!! in the middle of the war Kyle leandover and kissed Amanda. And Amanda and Kyle were HAPPY!!

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Kyle was very happy so he asked Amanda out now amanda has an AMAZING NEW BOYFRIEND!!!

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The end!!

Sorry for the spelling .. i'm in a hurry

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