The close of _dilbert_strip

Hi all,

mrngoitall, the (apparently very inactive) moderator here. Looks like brianbot's scripts for automatically grabbing the Dilbert strips from the Dilbert website started failing months ago. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over it; for several years, the script was generously created, maintained, and hosted by brianbot himself. In this past month, a new feed has been created on Livejournal that essentially duplicates what the script has been doing (see dilbertdaily). Rather than try to replicate the same functionality, I'd highly recommend that anyone who's been missing their fill of Dilbert to subscribe to that feed and catch up.

Also, the moderator position for this community is up for grabs, since neither of us are active Livejournal users anymore. If you're up for the exciting and fast-paced world of moderating an inactive community, let me know in a comment below!