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Video Tutorials...

So I was recently asked to produce some test tutorials for a publishing company that supplies text books and source materials to colleges across the world. We did a test tutorial that teaches people how to use Smart Objects and also shows the new Photoshop CS3 feature Smart Filters. If anyone would like to check it out, or maybe you're curious about CS3, feel free to go download the video here. It's a quicktime .mov and it's about 18mb. It's very clear, 800x600 in size so yuo can see everything. If you're running CS2, the first part about Smart Objects could be very useful to you.

Anyway, I thought I'd share in case anyone wanted to know about Smart Objects and learn more Photoshop stuff.

All the best gang!

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To lose another...

I had the pleasure of meeting this man at Photoshopworld one time a few years back and he was an absolute gem. I actually bumped into him outside while he was on a smoke break. This only further my avid hatred for cigarette smoking. He was a kin man who had no problem talking to an aspiring photoshop geeky kid who knew nothing on the levels that he understood. The man was a veritable genius in the realms of color technology, sharpening technology and more. Hell he even got involved in areas like Camera Raw development consulting with many groups and thanks to his involvement many of the digital camera technologies we have today are a realization. He was an innovator, a leader and a comedian, and I'm sure he'll be sorely missed. I send my well wishes to his family, I know he'll be sorely missed.

go safe Bruce.

Article follows:

Author and digital imaging expert Bruce Fraser died Saturday at age 52, months after being diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.

Fraser, who was born in Scotland and emigrated to the U.S., was known to many photographers for his demonstrations at trade shows like Macworld and the Photo Plus Expo. He also wrote or co-wrote several popular how-to books on digital imaging for the Real World Adobe Photoshop series. He contributed articles to various computing and photography magazines, including PDN through the 1990s.

"Bruce was a brilliant author and expert on color and more recently, digital capture and image sharpening. But, more importantly he was a genuinely good human being," says photographer Jeff Schewe, a friend and business partner of Fraser's.

Schewe posted news of Fraser's death on, the blog of PixelGenius, a software and consulting company where Fraser was a partner.

Since the news of his illness was posted, readers of the blog have posted over 140 messages of sadness and support. Many credited Fraser's books, articles and presentations with changing the way they work with digital images.

Fraser was recently recognized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals with a Lifetime Achievement Award, the first the organization has given. Last year the organization inducted Fraser into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

"He almost single-handedly shaped the way we work with color, how we process RAW images in Photoshop, and even how we sharpen our photos," NAPP president Scott Kelby said in the announcement of Fraser's lifetime achievement award. Because of his many years of testing and providing input on the development of Photoshop, the organization has called Fraser the "father of digital color management."

An industry tribute to Fraser is being planned for Jan. 10 at the Macworld Expo.
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digital collage - photo illustrative

So last Friday we had an art show where I entered 3 pieces. The title of the show was "mixed metaphors" and I tried to approach that in a story telling way that results from images when mixed together provoke a story. That you must assume one relationship to another because of their co-existence in the frame. Each piece usually triggered a certain response from viewers but gave something completely different when placed together...suddenly the whole became greater than any element and yet nothing without any of the elements. Needless to say I was proud to hear some great reviews, and everyone had a really great time.

Here is a thumbnail of the three pieces in the order they appeared on the wall.

See the larger versions behind this cutCollapse )
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Advice, Opinions, etc...

Okay so here's the deal gang.

I have currently in my outside office a Dual 450MHz G4 with 2gb of SDR. My G4 inside my house, (the wife's computer) is a Dual 500MHz machine. I'm thinking of upgrading my machine with an upgrade kit...I want to know who has experienced this, tried it, knows first hand something about it or someone who has tried it, and can give me some real world info.

I was looking at this kit>>>>>KIT HERE<<<<<<<<

But I've always been iffy about upgrade kits in general. I usually just work my macs till they die, fix em back up, give them to the neighborhood kid and move on to the next model I can. But with this whole Intel Rosetta thing going on, and my budget, I am going to wait until Adobe releases CS3 before I buy a brand new Intel mac.

I teach digital imaging for a living and I'm a digital photographer/production artist by trade. On top of all that I run Pro-Tools LE recording some local bands and my own music, plus mastering. No video stuff though! :O)

I could really use some help on this. I think I'm willing to spend up to $500 on the system right now, give or take $20. So I'm thinking upgrade kit and maybe going to DDR ram...

What do you all think? Please tell me your thoughts

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a possible project...

So tonight my students had their midterm practical exam. I get to sit there and twiddly my thumbs for 4 hours while they sweat, cry, swear, fidget and go nuts. I decided to try and do a possible project test for an idea I've been discussing in my head and with friends for the last two months. I want to do a series, maybe 12-14 different people, and turn them into light and dark angels. So take teh shots, all of them, and then composite these people with props and more into some dramatic angel type image.

SO for a test, to show my students I actually know, *sort of*, what I'm doing, I downloaded four images to make a fairy out of. These were all downloaded from a stock photography house.

See the images here: The Four Downloads Original as they were

So I then took these photos and started manipulating them. A big part being to actually color in and paint the skin tones on the black and white photo of the girl because she had nothing, no color at all. After that it was a matter of stacking, compositing, cutting, trimming and then painting lots of shadows and hilights for effect.

This is a large 1000 pixel wide image, but check it out if you want to here. CHECK OUT THE END OF THE TIME TRIAL HERE

This entire thing took about 1 hour and 15 minutes of production and another hour to find the images I wanted to play with. I was very happy considering the time frame I did it in. Now imagine if I took all the shots, with the final concept in mind. ;o)

As always, comments welcomed!
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Photos from Monday's shoot...

So Monday I got to shoot toryn from for two seperate t-shirt companies. and, both of which donated clothes to Toryn to have her pose in them. I think they all came out really cool and I'm really pleased with them. We had a lot of fun goofing off and bothering people around San Jose. Check out the pics, I hope everyone enjoys them...more pics of the shoot with Kristina coming soon!

more pics hereCollapse )