Lishou from Vitesmart worked for me

Hey guys. I recently got some Lishou diet pills from because I read reviews that people have had success there, whereas other sites sometimes sell fakes. I'm definitely happy to report that I've FINALLY lost the weight I wanted to lose all summer (sure, now I lose it). I tend to avoid scales and go by what I see in the mirror, but since I used to weigh myself a lot and know how I look at each weight, I would say I lost about 5 pounds.

When I first started taking them, I was taking one per day and I noticed a slight difference by the end of the day (wasn't imagining it, my pants were a little looser), but then the next morning before I took the pill, I was back to thick arms and elephant thighs again. I figured it was water weight, so I decided to up my dose to 2 pills per day so that once the water weight was gone, the pills would start removing fat.

This strategy worked because every day I am a teensy bit thinner. I was fairly thin to start with, just a little chunky, and since my problem areas are my thighs, hips, butt and (to a lesser extent) arms and I don't gain much weight in more flattering places like my boobs, the 5 lbs makes a big difference for me.

The downside is that I feel kinda tweaked and haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do. It hasn't been too bad the whole time; mostly the past couple of days have been jittery. Also I've been thirstier and less hungry overall. So I think tomorrow I'm just going to take one pill and then that'll be the last day. I'm really hoping I won't gain the weight back...I've purposely taken it even after I got to the weight I'm happy with so that I'll have some wiggle room if a little weight creeps back on me. I may not be perfect, but I think I'm pretty healthy because I do exercise and eat pretty well. Anyway, sorry this was long, just wanted to share my experience since there isn't a lot of information on diet pills that's not just a fake review from the company. And there are a lot of fakes out there.

diet pill stash-busting

I'm trying to go through my accumulation of various diet pills before I get more. I have switched to Lishou from Arnold Supplements and lost 2.5 lbs in 2 days. They seem to do a better job of knocking my appetite out than the ones from Blankterrmall - there are slight differences in the packaging, but both pills worked.

OTC Adipex / Phentermine

My aunt went to a doctor who prescribed Adipex and she lost around 40lbs. I can't afford the doctor's visit and was wondering if anyone knew where you could purchase it without a prescription.

Have you ever taken it? Were the results good? Any info is much appreciated!

EDIT: I know this was asked about last month, but there was only one comment. Hoping for more responses this time.

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Hi everybody. I had been looking around communities for a while, wanting to find a very active community commited to health ideas, tips, stories, and inspiration. I didnt find one, although there may be one out there.

I decided to create one in hopes of having a good active community, if you any of you all have any interest, i invite you to join me!
Hope to see you there.

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I'm new to this community and I've tried finding posts about phentermine or adipex, but couldn't find any. The only pill that's ever worked for me was ephedrine and that was four years ago. I've tried a slew of different pills and most were a scam. All of the phentermine/adipex sites I've visited don't appear to be legit. Any suggestions?


BEST appetite suppressant?

What is the BEST appetite suppressant you've come across?? (More like appetite KILLER!)
Before I receive concerns or lectures, I'm NOT looking to starve myself. Some mornings (especially around period-time) my appetite goes WILDLY out of control.

I take Stacker XPLC, but I'm so immune to it that it no longer suppresses my appetite nor gives me energy - basicaly, it keeps me awake and alert and I'm able to concentrate on boring tasks.
I can 't seem to find any suppressants that work for me, so I thought I'd see if there's one that maybe I've never heard of or never tried (yes, I've tried LOTS.)

Help? Please? :)

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hi everyone i haven't been here in a good long. i am sad to see this community isn't very active these days.

anyway i just wanted to give you a review of "naturally slim appetite suppressant" honestly i don't even know if they sell it out of NZ but what the heck why not. I found it in the supermarket and thought i would give it a go.
they are good  for the price you pay ($17) it does suppress hunger but you have to take like 6 a day which i hate.  fibre combination absorbs several times its weight in water, then swells in your stomach to help keep hunger pangs at bay you feel full within 30 min of taking them they do give you that awful bloated feeling though.
anyway i recommend these if you want help with portion control.

also i have ordered some oxyelite pro as well so i will absolutely give you my thoughts on these once i receive them in the mail which will probably be a week away.

hope everyone is feeling lovely.
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