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07 March 2012 @ 01:09 am
News: 'Casa de mi Padre' + Jeronimo!  
OK magazine US has some photos of Diego with Will Ferrell and Genesis Rodriguez from February 29 when they were in Miami, Florida, for an advanced screening of Casa de mi Padre at the South Beach Comedy Festival.

There was also a video of Will Ferrell and Diego speaking of Casa de mi Padre! Check it out below (it can also be found at Katel Media):

And let’s not forget that we can see a clip from Casa de mi Padre, courtesy of IGN.

While still talking about Casa de mi Padre, Univision has a video with Will Ferrell and Diego; Yahoo! Sports also has an article about this, with a picture that includes Diego.

And while on the Casa de mi Padre promotional trail, Diego took some time to call Ryan Seacrest ‘ignorant’, according to Tr3s. According to Tr3s, the actor took the time to call the E! Host ignorant after a comment made by Seacrest about Mexican actor Demián Bichir. Seacrest’s comment, made during the live broadcast of the Oscars, stressed that ‘just yesterday’, Bichir was preparing guacamole and now he’s nominated for an Oscar. Seacrest then went on to tweet:
"Demián Bichir's story is incredible...the guy moved here from mexico and was making guacamole. Now he's nominated for an oscar. #inspiring."
Diego’s response:
"I think this has no other name but ignorance and we have to treat it as such, simply give it the importance it has and nothing more."
Diego also went on to say more; check the article for more.

According to Variety, Gael’s going to produce the follow up to Leap Year from Michael Rowe; Diego will executively produce. The project is entitled Napa and is about a 6 year old living in the aftermath of her parents’ divorce. According to the article, Gael had this to say:
"Michael is a very talented director with a personal and awe-inspiring voice," Garcia Bernal said. "He takes us to the eeriest corners of the human being. It is an extraordinary opportunity for Canana to be able to work hand-in-hand with him."
The Playlist and Movies with Butter (the latter linking back to the Playlist) also let us know.

Filming on Napa is expected to begin in June.

Would you like a glimpse of Jeronimo? Well, check out this video from CamilaSodiOnline:

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Miss Bala, produced by Diego and Gael (as well as Pablo Cruz), topped the Tucson Cine Mexico, a film festival that celebrates Mexico.