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Yes, well, my name is Emilee (which is a crap-tastic name), I'm fifteen (which really sux because everyone is still treating me like a damn infant...Damn them all to fucking hell!), and I hate you all. Which is probrably why I joined...This entire week I have been stuck at my fucking grandparents. I keep snapping at them and shit just because they're senile...
But seriously, I hate old people. Just as much as I hate my parents annoying-ass dog "Skippy", whom I have also been stuck with all fucking week (and to add to it my granny talks to it in this damn-near most annoying voice you've ever heard). And I hate my parents for leaving me with my grandparents to go to fucking Cancune without me (for the SECOND time, might I add).
I am really pissed at everyone at this fucking moment. I wish they would all DIE...Including myself (no, ESPECIALLY myself). People have been shoving crap in my face all week. Just a moment ago my granny pulled some type of guilt-trip shit on my brother and I...Damn bitch!
Well, fuck it all. I hate life. I could live without anyone, if they'd just leave me the fuck alone...There are a few people I like, though, and can stand. Very few...but they still exsist.
Anyways, I should probrably have my ass thrown back in anger management. But fuck that...It didn't help any. So, anyways, fuck you all...I'm going to go to sleep or something...Got nothing the fuck else to do...
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