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you know what i REALLY FUCKING HATE?!?! People who can't figure out when to shutup. There are those that go on and on about stupid crap you really don't give a shit about, and after you tell them so, they STILL DON'T SHUT UP. Also, there are those other people who just love looking for an arguement. Like my friend cody. GOD FORBID I HAVE AN OPPOSING OPINION. He's starts ranting on and on about why his side's right and mine wrong, and after awhile of arguing, i'll say,"Look, I'm not goign to change your mind, and you aren't goign to change mine. Let's leave it be." He says sure. BUT NO. HE KEEPS GOING ON. AFDSGHTGNVAEDGJHGDBV SHUT THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!!!! Jesus.


blearg i eat your brains, and oreo pudding made me feel sick.
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