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Cocksuckinmotherfuckinpimpdaddywannabebitchwhore. I really hope you guys understood that. So how's this for an update. He didn't work today he was just there to see randi. He expected someone else to tell me that he was in town to see people then. So i got to see him for about 10 minutes and now he's in a pissy mood because randi's pissed at him because i didn't want to tell her who i was when i call looking for tim for chris. I fucking give up, I am at least for the next week going to BA just for work and then I'll see if he actually notices anything. I hope they continue to fight and i hope she kicks him out so he's on his ass again. Then maybe he'll realize that i am right again. And right now I'm so pissed off that if i knew where BryBry was I would go drag his ass out of bed and rape him til the sun came up. And maybe longer depending on if i felt better or not. But then again u can't rape the willing. But it would still be fun. I need some alcohol and all that's in the frige is Corona's, yuck. Kenny went mudbogging without me, oh well maybe next time. So now I'm gonna watch some tv and sleep on the couch cuz Kai's pissing me off.
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