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Ya know what I hate? Stupid fucking sports. I mean, who the fuck needs track and field? Let's all run around in a circle, jump with poles, and generally be fucking lame. The only 2 sports in track and field that are any good are shotput and javelin because that shit will kill a man. And i'm all for killing people. Motherfucker. I love the violence :). Boxing, martial arts, javelin, and old west dueling. That shit was great. 2 men enter, 1 man leaves. We don't need any of these pussy sports like running, swimming, basketball, curling, golf (now theres the biggest of all pussy sports), cycling, gymnastics, volleyball (although womens beach volleyball is great :D), or any other unnamed gayass sport. Fuck.

Now theres something that should be a sport. Fucking. Hell, people should win medals for sex. Especially for pussy-eating and blowjobs.

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