Conga Master Poncho Sanchez (sick_nicky) wrote in _diedumbfuck,
Conga Master Poncho Sanchez

christ on a cracker, look how many fucking words

Don't you love it when people say "I want to shrivel up and die" or "i feel like I want to die" when they're depressed about some little shit teenager problem?

Seriously, don't say you feel like you want to die unless you mean it. Because some people in this world have REAL PROBLEMS. And don't. so be quiet. You don't know what depression is. You're fourteen and your stupid.

you're eating away at the actual meaning of being sad, and diminishing the importance of sadness in people who actually have a real problem. Fucking eskimos.

and here is a conversation I like, talking about things I hate, which made me feel good about feeling bad about the things I hate, which I love.

DAD: "Well I mean, in my experiance the media hasn't really provoked any real violence, mostly just rebellious behavior. There are a few exceptions, I mean when I hear a band like this-- what's this band called?" (gesturing to the radio)

Me: "Yellowcard i think."

DAD: "Right, well when I listen to Yellowcard, It really makes me want to ...well, KILL yellowcard. Or if I see, say, an Olsen Twins move, it really makes me want to SLAP the HELL out of the Olsen Twins.
Yeah I guess the media does encourage violence.
...Jesus this singer sounds like he's going through puberty, and a blender at the same time."

here's one more piece of advice for the little emotional pmsing shitheads

If you say you want to die because of a relationship or a teenage problem, just do this:

remind yourself of the siamese twin who's brother is gay.
and his boyfriend is coming over, and you share the same asshole.

then, compare and contrast.

and I'm spent.
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