June 20th, 2006


Out of all the religons of this planet Christianity confuses me the most. This Jesus dude came from a virgin birth....okay, what!? Um, ozy-moron!!!! C'Mon, how did her husband feel? Ever think how pissed he was for A. being married to a VIRGIN, and B. Finding out she's pregnant and it's God's kid.....hmmm.
Then this crucifiction thing is kinda sketchy.....When prisoners were crucified they were never nailed through the hands, it's physically impossible to stay suspended that way.....so much for this Stigmata stuff.
Okay......why do Christians hate Jews so much? Jesus was Jewish....Hell, he was King of the Jews, go figure!
Now the guy was probably pretty cool and seems to be totally misunderstood. Probably the most misunderstood guy in history. His teachings look good on paper, but then again so does communism and democracy.
There are so many sub-factions of Christianity, the worst are fundeMENTAList! These people are whack, they bomb abortion clinics and then talk shit about Muslims killing for their God.....huh?
I could go on and on, but I'd rather stick my cock in this ass sitting on the couch over there, so........................