June 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

I searched for "dumb fucks" and go this com, oh its so right for what i want to just growl about right now. People who wont mind their own business keep their noses out of ppl lives and generally are sad twats.

Now i may or may not name names (or lj names) but there are 4 ppl on lj, who were friends of mine, who turned on me suddenly? why - they thought they were right, i proved them wrong - legally proved them wrong, they wanted to take what they assumed they were right on higher, so i did. So they resorted to school field insults this went on for a month and a half. I thought it had calmed down, when i find out it hasnt and they havent let it go, they are trashtalking me in LJ and i find it ammusing that when i have said, come to my face if you have anything to say, they still dont. it doesnt hurt any more, its gone too far (nearly 3 months now) to hurt any more, its just sad and pathetic that they trashtalk my life, my lifestyle, my business and my friends and family, for what?

anyway..thats my two penneth