November 29th, 2004

This post is going to offend several demographics of people, hooray!

[Note: This is written out of a torrid disgust with certain cat owners that I know, not cats in general.]

Ergh. Why the fuck are animals a touchier topic in my social circle than politics? Anyhow, the kind of companion animal I choose is my fucking business. As long as my dog doesn't jump on you or yaps incessantly at you, he's not your business. I'm getting really tired of hearing about how apparently "annoying and yappy" small dogs are, nontheless when my tox fox terrier's sitting on my lap, napping away complacently. And I SWEAR I will put a rusty screwdriver in the eye of the next person who bitches on and on about the greatness of cats and why don't I get a cat and blahdeefuckingblah. I'm really tired of hearing the same diatribe over and over.

Why don't I get a cat??
Aside from the obvious differences in energy levels (I like a more active pet, thankyouverymuch) and claws and such, I'm VIOLENTLY ALLERGIC TO CATS. Dumbfucks. I get around a cat and in fifteen minutes I'm wheezing and blotchy and itchy with allergy hellfire! It's amplified tenfold if I touch the cat... nontheless keep one on my lap and live in a house that becomes blanketed in it's dander.
No fucking thank you! And why the hell are half the cat owners I know people obsessed with being animals, even moreso wanting to be an animal fucking other animals. It's those kind of "furries" that keep me awake at night.

Love your animals. Don't love your animals, jeezus.

Another thing: I'm no longer breaking for the annoying little fucks who stand in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD in my apartment complex, and not only that, but stare blankly at me as my car approaches? Get out of the fucking road! Are low income (housing is where I live) parents completely incapable of instilling the basic "flight" instinct in their child units? Criminy.

And you fucking bastards with all your lowriders... why the fuck do you pimp out your vehicle so that it's capable of rivalling a mid-flight NASA shuttle and drive like the smallest pebble on the road is going to shake it to pieces?? "Oh my fucking GOD! If I drive more than 2 miles approaching/over/getting away from that speedbump my pimp ride will spontaneously combust!" You expend so many braincells on that one facet of driving alone that it leaves no room in the parking department. You smelly ghetto fucks are so helpless when it comes to parking in just one space, straight nontheless.

I'm also sick of being stereotyped as racist. I'm a white girl who lives in a neighborhood full of blacks and hispanics, and everyone glares at me and my fiance, no one talks to us even though we attempt at making conversation, and oh yes, for the first few lovely weeks of independence, someone left a bag of shit on our front door. This isn't 1962 anymore, get the fuck over it, and realize that maybe the only ones keeping racism alive are yourselves... and maybe a few ignorant honkies that are going to lobotomize themselves with the kind of "while fishing inebriated and trying to load a shotgun fall into the boat propeller" stupidity inherent to all rednecks anyway.
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