You know, you gain an entirely new prospective over driving when you've got a two year old in the back seat. Suddenly you drive a lot safer, you aren't willing to speed as much.
Well, maybe for you, but for me I still do anywhere between ten to fifteen miles over the speed limit unless I'm racing to cut someone off. Mostly, I get so frustrated at all of the other Caravan and Town and Country drivers that cut me off in the fast lane to go exactly the same speed as the car it came out from behind. Why do people insist on making sure that you can't get around them, yet they insist on going slow.
I may be an aggressive driver, but I do not drive in an unsafe manor. I never cut people off(except once and he totally deserved it), I don't excessively speed(but I do go faster than I probably should), and I don't do anything that would put my life or the lives of anyone else in danger. I see that people are attempting to drive safer, and in a lot of cases that means below the speed limit, but if you're going to do that, then do that. Stop changing lanes infront of me when it's obvious that I'm coming up (and without signaling no less), stop pulling onto the free way at 20 miles under the speed limit, and for God's sake DO NOT poke along in the fast lane, that's what the right two lanes are for.
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so i'd like to know if i'm allowed to bitch about this particular person. he's my ex and he pretty much completely hates me, and it's because i dumped him and dated his "friend" a year later. he was okay with it and told us we were cute together, then he went nuts. so, we've been dating for over a year now and this kid's still not over it. isn't that a little ridiculous? he's out of high school and still spreading petty rumors about me. how sad is that?
bad ass

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I needed a new bitch and rant community cause my old one sucks. I sense a lot of anger here. Perfect. Aside from the occasional petty "why is she being such a bitch?" crap, this place pretty much rules.

So, you know what pisses me off right now?? Fucking... everything!
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Out of all the religons of this planet Christianity confuses me the most. This Jesus dude came from a virgin birth....okay, what!? Um, ozy-moron!!!! C'Mon, how did her husband feel? Ever think how pissed he was for A. being married to a VIRGIN, and B. Finding out she's pregnant and it's God's kid.....hmmm.
Then this crucifiction thing is kinda sketchy.....When prisoners were crucified they were never nailed through the hands, it's physically impossible to stay suspended that much for this Stigmata stuff.
Okay......why do Christians hate Jews so much? Jesus was Jewish....Hell, he was King of the Jews, go figure!
Now the guy was probably pretty cool and seems to be totally misunderstood. Probably the most misunderstood guy in history. His teachings look good on paper, but then again so does communism and democracy.
There are so many sub-factions of Christianity, the worst are fundeMENTAList! These people are whack, they bomb abortion clinics and then talk shit about Muslims killing for their God.....huh?
I could go on and on, but I'd rather stick my cock in this ass sitting on the couch over there, so........................

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I searched for "dumb fucks" and go this com, oh its so right for what i want to just growl about right now. People who wont mind their own business keep their noses out of ppl lives and generally are sad twats.

Now i may or may not name names (or lj names) but there are 4 ppl on lj, who were friends of mine, who turned on me suddenly? why - they thought they were right, i proved them wrong - legally proved them wrong, they wanted to take what they assumed they were right on higher, so i did. So they resorted to school field insults this went on for a month and a half. I thought it had calmed down, when i find out it hasnt and they havent let it go, they are trashtalking me in LJ and i find it ammusing that when i have said, come to my face if you have anything to say, they still dont. it doesnt hurt any more, its gone too far (nearly 3 months now) to hurt any more, its just sad and pathetic that they trashtalk my life, my lifestyle, my business and my friends and family, for what?

anyway..thats my two penneth

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My dad is being so nosy. He fucking looked at all of my shit -profiles and such. See, I always go to my room, and never tell my parents a thing...such as my tongue web piercing, and my attempt as getting my nipples pierced. Now that my dad found that shit out, he's all pissy at me. What a dumbass. Some things are meant to be kept a secret for reasons..
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