Whitney (wetwildwhitney) wrote in _dial4sluts,

New Girl

Name: Whitney
Age: 21
Location: Daly City, CA
Sexual Preference: I prefer it all!
Single/taken: single

What turns you on: Tattoos, piercings, agressive men, kinky men, dom women
What turns you off: body hair, ignorance
How old were you when you lost your virginity: 16
How often do you masturbate: every damn day! :P
What kind of toys do you have/like to use: I've a waterproof vibe I adore, and when I've company over I have this little BDSM kit I like to crack open. It has nipple clamps, a smaller vibe, anal beads etc.
Favorite position: Me on top
Least favorite position: Missionary
Number of sexual partners: 10
Do you ever masturbate in front of others: I have - I love that
Do you like others watching you: yes

Why do you think we should add you: Because I'm a lot of fun, open minded and not afraid to talk about sex.
Plus you might learn something from me too; ya never know!
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