princess_lizzzy (princess_lizzzy) wrote in _dial4sluts,

survey thingy hah

Location: New York
Sexual Preference: none, i love men and women!
Single/taken: Single

What turns you on: Phone sex, teasing, public sex/nudity
What turns you off: ignorance, stupidity, macho guys
How old were you when you lost your virginity: 16
How often do you masturbate: atleast once a has been a slow day
What kind of toys do you have/like to use:i have a bullet vibrator, a dildo, and some vibrating cock ring thing...i need some new sex toys, for some reason someone stole my $80 lickin' lizzard
Favorite position: I like to be on top..and doggy is a close second
Least favorite position: no such thing
Number of sexual partners: 2
Do you ever masturbate in front of others:I LOVE MUTUAL MASTURBATION!
Do you like others watching you: Definately, im a show off!

Why do you think we should add:Im not really sure, Im still figuring this whole livejournal thing out!
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