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Hello. I am interest in receiving sexy voicemails, anonymously, from women and girls. I have a private voicemail account set up; it is serviced through the internet. That means that the number rings directly to a voicemail, not a phone. Likewise, your phone information (the number from which you are dialing) is not recorded—only the voicemail is. You can leave as many or as few messages as you would like, for as little or as long as you would like.

Your message will remain private—only I will hear it.

I am interested in the following general kinds of voicemails. I am providing a list primarily to spark your interest or your creativity: feel free to leave a message about whatever you desire.

(1) Confessions. A sexual confession of any sort. It could be an act of infidelity, or a drunken encounter, or a threesome (or gang-bang). It could be a confession to having a particular kind of fantasy or dream: rape, family, an underage (or older) partner, humiliation, degradation, public sex, anonymous sex, etc.

(2) Masturbation. I’d love to hear you moan as you rub or slap your clit, or ride a dildo in your cunt or ass. If you detail what you’re doing, what you look like, how it feels, or how slutty you are, all the better.

(3) A sexy story, a la Literotica. A recounting of a story would be great, and, also, a great warm-up for leaving a more public message with Literotica. (As a matter of fact, any of these would be.)

(4) Self-degradation/humiliation/infliction of pain. This needs no explanation. Women who know, know.

(5) A roleplay. You could be leaving a message for anyone: your boss, your priest, your coach, your doctor, your professor, your Daddy. No subject—and this generally holds—is taboo with me.

Absolutely no taboos.

If interested, here is the number again: 1-216-619-6658. A normal US number with no surcharges or anything like that. Just a voicemail. You’ll know you’ve dialed the right number when you hear the message.

About me:

I am a 27 year old young professional man, sexually dominant, and I’ve developed something of a penchant for anonymous (and occasionally random) phone sex, and this is something I would also like to try. I developed this habit purely through the everyday vicissitudes of my life and time management: I am a good looking guy, but I absolutely have no time to date. Long story short, I’ve developed a fetish for phone sex. More information, and pictures, are available upon request at:

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