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Name: Daniel
Age: 17 on august 11th
Location: Maryland
Sexual Preference: Straight
Single/taken: Single

What turns you on: I love hearing a woman moan when she is out of breath. I love looking at cum shots and i would love to give them one day. And i love it when a girl wears a mini skirt, knowing i could hike it up and fuck her in it turns me on
What turns you off: Smoking
How old were you when you lost your virginity: Still a virgin.
How often do you masturbate: Everyday, and i take pictures and put them in my archive of pictures.
What kind of toys do you have/like to use: I dont know if my hand is a toy or not..
Favorite position: I would love to fuck a woman doggystyle so i could rake my fingers up and down her spine, and pull on her hair.
Least favorite position: I dont think i have one..
Number of sexual partners: None
Do you ever masturbate in front of others: Hahaha, i do on my webcam somedays. If its a good day, people will log on and watch me. They always like it when i cum. ;]
Do you like others watching you: It makes me nervous at times, because im self-concious, but i dont really show my face on cam. So it doesnt really matter. As long as they like looking at my cock on webcam, i dont mind at all.

Why do you think we should add you: Im a nice guy and im not only interested in sex. I like to get to know people before i do anything. I'm a romantic, i love being romantic with ladies, i think there is nothing better then making a woman feel special and beautiful before you make love to her. When im horny and i get into the mood.. i can be very descriptive and graphic. And i have been told that i cum alot when i climax. so i guess thats another reason too. =]

If you want my screen names, here they are.
AIM - storyxxxteller
Yahoo - xstoryxtellerxx
MSN - xstoryxtellerxx@yahoo.com
Email - xstoryxtellerxx@yahoo.com

Bye everyone!
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