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1st Day

View my Analyzation of my first day as a WebCam Girl.

woke up at 5am
spent most of the morning, having people in my Voyeur House on help me set up my cams, particularly my shower cam and makeup/hair cam. it took awhile but apparently the guys really enjoyed seeing my transformation from plain old vicki to "vicki nicole", i even got 2 new Rudemates today.

then i ate a bowl of oatmeal and turned on my niteflirt. Oh and I got a beer. In total for the whole day , I ended up drinking 2 Coronas, a kahlua with vodka, and another glass of vodka with juice.

I do find that I need to drink alcohol to loosen up and be sexy.

the first guy of the day to do phone with Cam with me, was I guy I knew already. He gave me a $50 TRIBUTE on Niteflirt (oh and he bought me a $200 bike off my Amazon Wishlist)

I find that Phone with Cam is easier for me because i don't have to have an imagination and be descriptive. I would like to get a better cam, one that zooms in and out because i have alot of guys request to see my feet or shoes and when I'm laying on my bed, its hard to show my feet.

I also did a couple plain phone sex calls though, it was ok.
the first guy was really into Ass Domination, so I had to describe myself sitting on his face and making him smell my crack. I ended up googling "ass fetish" and using some of the descriptive words or phrases I found on various websites.
The second guy was really into breasts and I was trying to be descriptive.

I'm really not good at plain Phone to Phone yet, but I think I can get better as time goes on.

So basically I spent the day logging into and trying out all the different cam services that i've signed up for. I wanted to see how they worked and how I get paid and how much money i can make, etc..

Here is my Analyzation of them:

WebCam Girl Day 1 (Sunday)
CompanyPrivate Cam
Net Amt.time logged inHow I will recieve paymentOther
1-800-TO-FLIRT,extension 03436416
 $1.99 $61.00 10 hours check or direct deposit
no holdback fee
Marketing: Paid $8.69 to be featured. $3.00 $11.71 4.30 hrs check (US only) or wire
$100 holdback,
after the holdback is met, payout's can be requested in $50 increments
 this Amt.  includes both private cam and voyeur house tips & subscriptions 0.98 Credits/min $1.75 51 min. check or ePassporte
no hold back fee
you recieve a check when your earnings reach either $50, $100, or $500
 Ugh, only make 30% comission

have to be in a FREE LOBBY to pull guys into private chat
 iFriends $ 2.99/min $ 11.97 not sure check, weekly
minimum payout is $100
sort of confusing to operate, too much info and links, not a concise system  $0 Models receive 40% of gross fees earned during video chat sessions.  Commissions are distributed weekly. they give very little information about payments, sort of skeevy. Not even sure what the amount per minute is.
 Camz $3.07/min $13.71 10 min must maintain a minimum balance of $200. 
 Clips4Sale Live     forgot to log in
 TOTAL NET INCOME  $100.14   

I think I mentioned that my goal is to make $100 a day working 5 days a week which would net me $500/week or $2000/mth which is how much I netted at my last job after taxes. That amount would pay all my monthly bills without worry.

Right now I need to get better at promotions and marketing so people now I am out there. I do have the 2 magazines coming out, But i've also been researching other marketing techniques. Here is some info:
Promote Yourself In Online Chats

Below you will find links to some popular chat sites. After signing into a chat, you can fill out a personal profile (if there is one), upload some hot photos of yourself and include a link to your website or screenname. When promoting yourself in a chat, look for crowded rooms dealing with subjects such as adult content, romance, dating, relationships, webcams, singles, sex affairs, married and flirting.

Post messages in these chats inviting people into conversation - then convince them to check out your website. Remember - the more rooms you enter, the more people you will meet and the more likely you will come across potential guests.

Absolute Chat
Adult Chat Network
Adult Chat World
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Advanced Chat
Chat City
Chat House
Chat MSN
Chat Space
Chat Web
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Chat Sports
College Club
Dirty Ho
Every Kind of People
Future TV Network
Living Sounds
On Chat
Orders Webpower
Sex Chat
Talk City
Top Chat Sites
Viet Chat
Web Cam Now
World Village

Joining a Community

Below you will find a list of popular community websites in the areas of adult content, romance, dating, singles, relationships, sex affairs, married and flirting. You can enter these communities by creating a user ID for yourself. Some of these communities allow you to create personal profiles and upload photos. Pick a picture that shows you at your best and include a link to your webpage.

You can also post messages on the community message boards inviting men to check out your Video Chat. You should be aware that different communities have different rules, thus you should take this into consideration when deciding whether to join and how to promote yourself after joining.

AA Forum
Cafe Forums
Delphi Forums
Forums - Delphiforums
Gay Chat
Relationship Web
Women's Forum

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