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Hey guys (and girls!) I have a lucky lady that I want you to meet, her name is Greta and she's into a lot of kinky stuff. You're in luck tonight though guys, she is only charging $1.00 a minute for her calls tonight. This is a veeeery special treat and she's wanting to share it.

Bisexual/Lesbians: 1-877-447-8427 ext. 14511
Fetish: Anything Goes: 1-877-447-8427 ext. 14514
Fetish: BDSM: SUB: 1-877-447-8427 ext. 14515
Straight Girl: 1-877-447-8427 ext. 14516

Be sure that when you call, you specify what category you're calling, she won't know unless you tell her. Please give her a call, her pussy is tight hot and wet, and she's waiting to make all your deepest darkest fantasies come true. She's here for YOU!

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Hello boys.. and girls. I'm a horny bi girl- just turned 20 years old, perky bigger b sized tits, a thinner body and am up for ANYTHING! I'm trying to get enough money for a me out and I'll give you a free show once I do get it. No subject is taboo- I will try anything to get you off
Check out my journal and comment my entry for more info
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