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Who: Severus, any Slytherins

When: MWPP yr. 4, I'd say, early evening

Where: Slytherin Common Room

Summary: Slytherin moping. Plotting, perhaps.

Rating: PG-13?

The common room is dark and getting darker still, the fire slowly dying into shadow. I sit in darkness, watching everything around me, yet not really watching, per se, simply melting into the blackness. There are others here, but I honestly have no urge to converse with them at all. The posturing of the other Pureblooded Slytherins is maddening, to say the very least, and I tire of hearing all the open declarations, supposed loyalties to the Dark Lord and whatnot. Where my own loyalties lie are yet unknown to me, and I've no urge to explore the subject. Let them.
 Potions homework is, and quite honestly always will be far more interesting than Housemates.



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