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Remus Lupin

The early September sunshine seems oddly bright, in the darkness of recent events. I half expected it to rain today. But perhaps this is only me being morbid? Possibly. Hogwarts seems much the same as it has always been, though class pace and content has become more challenging. I woke this morning to Spaz, my kitten, attacking my feet. How typical of her. She is, after all, named for her insanely hyper personality.
"Spaz! Those are my toes, not a mouse!" I exclaimed, trying not to speak too loudly and wake the others.
The kitten ignored my protests, and continued to chew on my feet as if they were catnip.
"Stop that!" I reprimanded, though I was actually rather amused by her behavior.
I love my kitten, even if she is does consider anything that moves (or doesn't move, come to think of it) to be food.

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