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Who: James Potter and Lily Evans
Where: Empty Class room and hall
When: I don't know
Summary: Lily is trying to decied if she has feeling for James. James is trying to figure out if this is a dream.
Status: Open for Sirius to have his fun now!

JamesI was taking Crookshanks back to the Tower when he started growling. I tried to subdue him, but it didn't seem to work.

I walked down from the Tower to do my nights rounds. When I heard something. I looked and saw James and Crookshanks.

"Mate, what the BLOODY is your problem?" I said to the cat, not noticing Lily yet. I saw her turn down the hallway, and I was pulled rather forcefully in the same direction. "what the bloody..hey!! Leggo!!"

LilyI raised an eyebrow "I hope you are talking to the cat and not me Potter." I say in a dark tone.

JamesI finally noticed her. My goddess. My Eden...oh god, I can't move.

Am I drooling??? I hope not.

I just stood there and watched him before I say "Well?"

I gulped, loudly. "N-n-nothing..."

LilyI'm confused by his answer "Nothing? What in bloody hell are you talking about?"

JamesOh bloody bugger, how the hell should I know?? I tried to straighten, to talk. To be human...but none of these were able to be accomplished.

LilyI just stare at him.."Are you alright Potter?" I ask him.

JamesI gulped again and nodded. "Mmhmm...I think so...” Ah yes!! Words!! Conversation!! Now if she could just turn the corner, I'd be much better off.

Lily"Er...Okay..See you around then." I say as I walk past him to do my rounds.

JamesI exhaled loudly. Thank God she was gone!! "Oi, CAT. What the bloody is your..WHOA!!" I was being jerked roughly again into the general direction of Lily. What the bloody was up with this cat??? He let go of me and nudged me in her direction as if to say "Go on. Do what you have to."

LilyI turn around to see what all the yelling was about. "Potter what are you doing?"

JamesI gulped again, and got a nudge from Crookshanks. He growled at me, then purred and nodded, adding another nudge. "Um..listen, Lily.."

"" Oh god, this is NOT the time to hyperventilate!!!!

LilyI raised by eyebrow again "You want to what? Potter" I say trying to figure him out.


Lily"To talk to me?" I say like it was a joke. "You aren't serious." I say laughing.

JamesThe room started to get fuzzy. VERY fuzzy. Crookshanks bit me and things started to get into focus. And I do suppose there was a chunk missing from my leg, from the way Crookshanks was licking his lips.
"Can we talk? AWAY from the insane cat, please?"

Lily"Fine. Follow me I know where the close classroom is that will be empty."

JamesI followed, sticking my tongue out at Crookshanks, who couldn't bite me anymore. Hah.

LilyI lead him to an empty classroom and open the door. I waited until he was in the classroom to shout the door. "What do you want Potter?" I say in angry tone "I have rounds make this quick!"

James"Well, it's nothing really.."

"ijusthaveacrushonyou, see? No big."

Lily"You have a what? I didn't quite hear you?"

JamesOh, good. "Nothing. Anyway, about that Charms homework.."

Lily"Nothing James Potter tell me what you want? I'm not going to stand here and just chat about nothing!"

James"I said, charms homework! Remember..?" God, her temper. That was one thing that always turned me on.. that fire in her eyes, her hair...her laugh, her smile.. and yet, I still stare.
and stare...and stare...

Lily"Thats not what you said before that!"

“James Potter out with it now!"

James I snapped up. "Yes Ma'am." I was tempted to go fetch some veritaserum.

Lily"Before you said the Charms essay what did you say?"

JamesThis would not be easy..Oh no..!


James"What?!?" I said, snapping up again.

Lily"You were saying something to me before the charms essay?"

JamesOh. Right. That. I knew what I said, but she didn't and this was a good thing.

Lily"Now James?!"

James"I don't know!!"

"Alright? I don't bloody know." That's it James..let it out.

Lily"YOU DON'T KNOW!" I screamed..."You are lying James.!"

James"Oh, MAYBE!!!! But you're not helping anything!!"

Lily"Helping? Helping what? Talk or I will leave."

JamesI stood in front of the door. "Not yet, you're not."

Lily"Well then talk!"

James"I don't know how!!"

LilyMy eyes narrow as I brought my wand. "If you don't talk then I'm going to blast my way out of her."

JamesI hefted mine and pointed it at my head. Hopefully I knew a spell to do the same thing veritaserum did. Because there was no way for me to get out of here yet.

Lily"JAMES!" I said narrowing my eyes. "This isn't funny."

JamesHmm..what was it..? "Inveratus tellallus"

"Okay, now ask me."

LilyMy jaw drops "James what are you doing? And why do you have me in here to talk about?"

James"Well, actually I didn't, it was the cat."

"But not purely the cat, really. I actually wanted to go, so that I could tell you that I lov-" but I was interrupted by Lily hitting her head on a desk.

Lily"The cat? How is it the cat's fault?" I said trying to figure this one out.

James"He pulled me in here, see.." Now would be a good time to ask said other question.

Lily"James I think you need to go to the hospital wing. I think you pranks have gone too far. Why did you bring me in here?"

James"Well, I wouldn't want you to get bit. He's lethal!"

LilyI just shake my head "If there is no point to this I'm going to leave now."

James"There's a point. Somewhere!"

Lily"Somewhere?" I say out disbelief "James? what is going on?"

James"Well, I actually thought this would be a good time to say that I love-" and again I was interrupted.

Lily"YOU LOVE? Love what?"

JamesLily"You love me." I say lower my eyes..."Oh James"

James"Yes! that's it!" I nodded. "Whaat? Is something wrong?"

Lily"No nothing. I just don't know what to think." I point my wand at him and reverse the spell.

JamesI snapped up. "What the BLOODY did I just say??????"

Lily"You love me" I replied knowing it was to good to be true.

JamesMy eyes got huge. Oh god...

LilyI just nodded. "That’s right you said you loved me."

JamesI hit my head with the heel of my hand. "Oh dear GOD."

"Well, there goes making yourself look like LESS of an ass James!! Good one!"

LilyI walked up to him and cup his face. I will regret this one if I don't do this now. I kissed him full on the lips without saying a word.

JamesMy head hit the door, as a rebound from shock. Oh dear God. She’s kissing me??? ME!! I retaliated, bringing my hands up behind her head and held her there, just for a second..

LilyI pull away. There I did it...Now can I please go. This isn't happening.

James"Listen um..."

"I hope you don't mind if" I kissed her again, harder this time.

LilyI didn't have time to respond to him speaking. I kissed him back.

JamesI kissed her, letting everything I felt for her flood from me, hoping she felt the same..

LilyI wrapped my arms around him and pull him closer to get a deeper kiss. He would be the first person I have ever kissed.

JamesShe kissed me and I felt like I was on fire. Parts of me were rising above the rest, like a Phoenix from the ashes and other parts were tingling, screaming, longing to hold her there forever.

LilyKissing him was more than I expect. Moving faster than I want to but for some reason this feels right. I pull back and whisper "James...”

JamesWhat? What was it? Was I scaring her? I don't know..! But James, this isn't the time to be thinking. Is it?

Lily"I think I have fallen for you." I say breathlessly. Actually I'm not sure but it feels like I have.

JamesShe said those words with a hesitation that was scarce for her. Oh god...she does hate me!! But wait... does she? She wouldn't be kissing me. Would she?

Lily"James?" I look into his eyes to see what he was feeling.

JamesI can't back out now!! god, I'm not having a breakdown now, am I? I meekly ask, "Could you. Kiss me again? Please?"

LilyI press myself closer to him to feel his reaction as I kiss him one more time.

JamesBefore, my mind had gone into a slight shock. Now I realized now that her lips were so incredibly soft. Especially when they were next to mine..

LilyI'm still trying to decide if I like him or not but for the moment I don’t move my lips from his.

JamesFor some reason this felt so...Right...But then again, that was probably my love talking. I inwardly sighed, because this whole affair didn't mean she returned my affections.

LilyI pull away to breath and look into his eyes. "James?" I whisper.

JamesI looked down at her, straightening my glasses.


LilyI don't say a word but move his hands down to hold me a little closer to him. I want to feel what this is like before I decide where this is going to go.

JamesI held her close to me...Just me...

LilyI lay my head on his chest and close my eyes.

JamesAs I realized then that a second could last forever, I started to get confused. What if she didn't like me? What if this was all just a game, just a dream?

Why me???

LilyI keep my head on his chest. Taking a deep breath to smell him. I'm still questioning if I actually love him. But from the looks of it I'm starting to.

JamesWas this all real? Or...was it just me?

Lily"James talk to me please?" I say softly. I don't want to ruin the moment but I can't take the silence.

JamesIt took me a moment to realize she was talking to me. The girl of my dreams...and yet..."What? Oh, nothing.”

Lily"No it’s something? Please?" I say.

James"No really," I said, and placed her head back on my chest. "It's nothing.."

Lily"Okay if you say so." I whisper.

JamesI wasn't really lying to her, but still, this was something I needed to figure out for myself.

LilyHe wasn't telling me something. He is questioning this too.

JamesI just got so confused...

LilyPlease say something James I think to myself. "James are you sure its nothing?" I whisper.

JamesAre you sure?' I ask myself. Continuously, over and over in my mind.

But I just..don't know...

Lily"James, I not sure where this is going. I need to know." I tell him still I have my head on his chest.

James"I'm not sure either...but I'm liking the closeness.."

Lily"I am too."

JamesI realized how late it was. "Oh god...we've got to get back... what with your patrols and all..." We'd been there for over an hour.

LilyI pull myself away and look at him. I nodded. "I should go. Talk to you later James." My heart is racing trying to figure out if I like him or not. I might have to sleep on it.

JamesI couldn't just let her go...Disappearing into the sunset..

No. Not this time.

I know what this is, it's time to stop kidding myself.

LilyI stand there looking at him confused. "What is it James?"

JamesAs she walked into the hall, I realized my window was short. I ran to her and kissed her, hoping that it would last forever.

LilyI was taken by surprise. I kissed him back not knowing what else to do.

JamesAnd I waited...Realizing that I was going to have to breathe soon...

OOC: You will have to forgive Lily's player. She doesn't like do thing kind of thing by thread.

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  • (no subject)

    Hi Everybody!! I just wanted to inform everyone that the Official Live Journal Community has been created, and is officially open. It…

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