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After my open-end argument with Lily, I left, taking my broom and going to meet the others.
I just wanted to fly, then. I needed some sort of relief. Being fifteen is incredibly hard...

I don't know if I can stand this much's difficult for me to deal with all these things that I don't know why I'm feeling them.
I hate this..
I love her, I hate her. I need her..but I don't want to get too close, because I know she can't stand me!
But..I can't stand Snape either..and you see..I just can't off him, torturing him is so much more enjoyable.

I have to change, somehow..don't I? Should I? ..Can I?
So many questions, so many freedoms I'll lose to get one more.

Is it worth it? Am I ready to do all these things that I don't know if I should do...?

((Is this good? Teenager-ish and deep enough to be understood?))
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