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Remus Lupin [18 Aug 2004|03:38pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Carefully placing my rabid kitten (who was going mad trying to catch her own tail) at the foot of my four-poster bed, I pushed the blankets off of me, shivering as the cool air struck my bare legs. That is it. I have made a resolution for the school-year. I must aquire, somehow, new pajamas. No matter how sunny the Autumn morning, walking around in a severly over-sized t-shirt just does not protect properly from the occasionally frigid morning air. Spaz, noticing my bare skin exposed, promptly leapt on me.
"Ah!" I yelped, taken by surprise as the ball of fur and claws landed on me.
I am no stranger to being scratched (by myself or my cat), but *really*! As Spaz clambered up and down my skinny legs, her intentions apparently to flay me open, I watched her in exasperation. Why did I choose that animal for my early fifteenth birthday present? She did, after all, introduce herself by leaping off a shelf and onto my shoulders to attack my head.
"Spaz, I must get up or I might be late for breakfast. I will feed you later, I promise, but you can't eat me."
Removing the mewling animal, I set her on my bed and grabbed the well-worn robes lying on my trunk ready for the day.
"Don't attack Sirius while he's sleeping, Spaz." I called as I made my way to the bathroom. "Or I *will* let him hex you."

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