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_diagnosed's Journal

a force of allied lovers
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so...this is another rating community....go figure.

were you diagnosed with soul?

• Rules •
1 // You must post an application in your first member entry, see below for application, we will not judge you solely on your looks.
2 // No one under any circumstances may say bad about another member's looks.
3 // You can only comment on your entry until you are accepted.
4 // Atleast four yes votes are needed to be accepted.
5 // First five members are automatically accepted.
6 // Be friendly. Seriously, ladies and lads, any turmoil and we will shove you in a freaking blender.
7 // Once accepted feel free to post anything such as poetry, lyrics, art, photographs, about your day, anything your little heart desires, but text only posts are a no-no, even if you go klepto on an image from online (use credits) we want to see some pictures!
8 // Once accepted, VOTE AND PROMOTE, place the community banner in your userinfo. See below for banner link.
9 // Put application behind LJ cut.....
9 // have fun, be creative

We are your mods.
KC (sanguinexfaerie)

Tiff (punkydorkclub)

Anna (cant_be_quieted)

• • • • • • • • • • • • •
• Application • (please be generous with your answers, but NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA, and be honest)

Name //
Age //
Location //

Piercings, bod mods or tattoos // (photos are welcome)
Fetishes //
Hobbies //
Favorite Bands or Musicians //
Favorite Works of Literature //

• Open Answer •
If you could do anything with your life, not given a fixed cost of money, what would your direction be?

Animals, yes they are cute, if you could be one what would you be?and why?

Pick any character from any movie and describe how you relate to them.

and lastly.
Choose a colour and describe how this particular color pertains to you.

• Give a detailed opinion on the following •
Legal Banning of Abortion //
Religion //
Sexual Curiousity //
Self Mutilation //

• Image Time •
Five pictures, photographs, online images (please mark credit), photoshop art of things that could be used to describe your personality, physical features or dreams.

Two photographs of you.

Link us in a community or in your personal journal and post the link.

Place the words "art whore" at the bottom of you app. to make sure you read the rules.

• stamps •
(to be posted soon)

(to be posted soon)

Banner //

<**img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v81/knivestocursive/diagnosed.jpg"**>
post this link without the asterisks.

<**img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v81/knivestocursive/cunt.jpg"**>
once again, take out those damn asterisks.