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Name Binta but Kittie works too:)
Age 15
Location Charlotte,NC

Piercings, bod mods or tattoos: 7 piercings in all...ears and belly button...I want tats....but none yet
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Fetishes: chocolate,, motorcycles....piercings..tattoos...lolly pops...fingers(weird...I know:)

Hobbies: jewelry making

Favorite Bands or Musicians: such a long list! mindless self indulgence,the pixies, led zeppelin, queen, bowie, pat benetar, nirvana, dredsen dolls,fleetwood mack, red hot chili peppers and everclear

Favorite Works of Literature: fahrenheit 451, lolita, fall on your knees, speak, the tell-tale heart, said the shotgun to the head, of mice and men, house on mango street

• Open Answer •
If you could do anything with your life, not given a fixed cost of money, what would your direction be?
I would travel around the world...working with and interviewing people from divesre cultures....taking pictures and getting to know the way they live their lives day to day. I would try to understand and put together the similarites between people in diff. places...and write about what I find.

Animals, yes they are cute, if you could be one what would you be?and why?
I would be a panther. I love the quiet power they have. I really love all felines but the panther seems to be my fav.They have this stealth about them...and I like the way they appear to be...wise and confident.

Pick any character from any movie and describe how you relate to them.
amilie from the movie amilie....I really relate to the way she was kida detached from the world...but not in that whole poor me way...she had her own little world and she thought she was fine with that...the way her mind worked...remindes me of my own in some ways....I know that Im like her in the way that I don't like people to touch me to touch my I just kinda avoid it ....and then I relate to the way she finally let it all drop and fell in love with someone....who understood how she was and liked that.

and lastly.
Choose a colour and describe how this particular color pertains to you.
red. its my fav.color...because its like fire..and I love represents heat to me....that heat. and I feel like if we all have colors in us...mine would be red. I think I am really passionate about almost everything I do...and that kinda makes me firery...I think Im a person who always want to help...I really feel for people even if I don't know them well...and that reminds me of the sun....which I think red represents also.

• Give a detailed opinion on the following •
Legal Banning of Abortion: I don't believe the gov. should have the right to tell some one what they can and can not do with their body. Yes we can debate all day on wether or not u are killing a living human being . But the fact still remaind...the woman who is pregnate is the one who is living in this world now..she already has a life..a personality....and her rights must be honored. I don't think that if all the people who are pro life all the way no exceptions...would be so closed minded about the matter if they had to deal with a rape...or some kind of conception where the woman was not willing....that they would be so quick to judge. would I ever get an abortion....I don't know....but I want to be able to make that choice based on the values I set for my self....not the values pressed apon me by a nation that supposedly stands for freedom

Religion: I feel that some people use religion as a mask...or a that they don't have to think or search for their own spiritual paths. They can just go one what they are told by their parent and follwo all their lives. But I know that if some one wants to find their own path...they will...and if they are honest and knoledgeable about their religion...and what eltse is out there....thats when religion stops being just something u do...and starts beings part of who u are.

Sexual Curiousity: Well...I am I think everyone kinda questions their sexuality at some time. and I really don't uderstand why who u choose to love...or just sleep something people should be up in arms about....if its not your life....why are you letting it be such a negative thing in your life???? But then again...Im bias...seeing as I have to deal with peoples ignorants.

Self Mutilation: umm....I used to I've been in that place where....its the only thing that releaves the painful pressure.....but I don't think its something that should be promoted like its ok...its catches up to you...eventually....and I don't like it when people treat it like a badge of honor...or like its cool. I would never condem anyone for it....its a hard habit to kick

• Image Time •
Five pictures, photographs, online images (please mark credit), photoshop art of things that could be used to describe your personality, physical features or dreams.
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Two photographs of you.
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art whore
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