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T6 for PS3 [Oct. 7th, 2008|02:23 pm]
Tekken Community


No news on WHEN but...

According to an IGN podcast, Tekken 6 was mentioned at Namco's pre-TGS event and is basically still coming to PS3 eventually with more content than the Bloodline Rebellion expansion.

Although SDTekken reports it as "T6 not coming to PS3, T6BR is," that's not quite what IGN said, though heavily implied and likely nonetheless.


While more content is good news, I can't really get excited about it with still no release date in sight, personally. Oh well, good news for others, cheers.

Edit-and is this little guy adorable or is he adorable?

Thanks to Evil_Gotenks from the Tekken Zone forums for making him. Really, this forum is off to a great start, and I once again encourage others to join.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-01-02 05:11 am (UTC)
Devil Jin = humpcatting btw. I ♥ Xiaoyu
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