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Friday after school, I believe? - Deuce - Matchpoint Role Play Logs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Friday after school, I believe? [Nov. 29th, 2003|09:56 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Jin and Sengoku bounce into each other at the library and the Sen is himself. A book war is fought and finished and they part ways without much disaster being wreaked.

::the library after school is a surprising full place -- students looking up references or just quietly working at tables, all amidst the general shuffle of books being moved and carted around::

::still, there are whole sections, even now, where hardly anyone goes::

::the physics section is one of them, where Sengoku is at this moment digging through the ancient tomes in search of new knowledge he can use to defeat Ohtori's new scud missile::

Jin: ::wandering through the aisles carrying various books, and looking at a slip of paper with the information of the next one he needed to find::

Sengoku: ::reaches way, way, way, way up to try and pull down a book on velocity vectors and deflection, but can't reach it::

Sengoku: ::looks around for someone taller to give him a hand and he spies Jin:: ::in a whispering yell:: Jin!

Jin: ::stops walking and looks over at Sengoku:: ::not bothering to whisper:: What?

Sengoku: ::points:: Can you get that down for me?

Jin: ::walks over and looks at the shelf:: Which one?

Sengoku: The Deflection of High Velocity Rounds.

Jin: ::reaches for the book and takes it off of the shelf, and then turns and begins to walk away::

Sengoku:........ Hey! ::gives chase::

Sengoku: ::pounces on Jin:: Mou~~~~~ ::big puppy eyes:: I want my booky.

Jin: ::stops walking, opens the book, and flips the pages:: Doesn't have your name on it.

Sengoku: ::flips through the pages by reaching over Jin's shoulder and poking at a kanji:: There! "Sen".

Jin: ::points at another Kanji, "Jin"::

Sengoku: ::sticks his tongue out at Jin:: Why do you need the book?

Jin: Homework.

Sengoku: ..... ..... ::that's a good reason:: .... you're still an ass. ::oozes off Jin's back::

Jin: You're just crazy. ::leans against the bookcase, still scanning the pages::

Sengoku: ::walks off a couple steps, only to zip back and PEER over Jin's shoulder:: Are you done yet?

Jin: No.

Sengoku: ::wanders off again, only to reappear not more than ten seconds later:: Are you done yet?

Jin: No.

Sengoku: ::wanders off for longer this time, but relentlessly returns:: Are you done yet?

Jin: ::reaches the last page, closes the book and opens it again, grinning::

Sengoku: ::flops against Jin like he's a pillar:: I hate you. You're never gonna be done. ::reads over his shoulder::

Jin: ::turns the page::

Sengoku: ::this works, even though Jin is slow like molasses is slow::

Jin: ::closes the book::

Sengoku: ::makes a face at Jin::

Jin: Take it.

Sengoku: ::happily takes the book:: Lucky! ::starts flipping through it::

Jin: ::walks away::

Sengoku: ::pounces on Jin again:: ::smiles sweetly:: Neh, can you put this back up?

Jin: Why?

Sengoku: ::smiles:; Because I'm not tall enough to reach that high.

Jin: ::looks at Sengoku like he's crazy and stupid::

Sengoku: ::still smiling:: Please?

Jin: No.

Sengoku: Why not?

Jin: Because.

Sengoku: Because why?

Jin: Che.

Sengoku: ::grins:: Che why?

Jin: ::glare::

Sengoku: ::glares back and then goes:; Why?

Jin: You are fucking crazy...that's why.

Sengoku: Oh, everyone knows that, Jin. ::amused:: ::since he's already hanging off the taller boy, he just shifts to murmur in his ear:: And I'm not gonna go away until you put the book up there ....

Jin: No, you won't. You'll just make up another fucking excuse to stay.

Sengoku: ::ponders this:: I dunno ... you're not /that/ entertaining ...

Jin: Che. ::takes the book and puts it back on the shelf::

Sengoku: Thank you! ::huggles Jin, which is more like Jin standing there while Sen is some sort of weird blob like attachment to him::

Jin: ::sighs:: I wonder why I don't kill you.

Sengoku: ::snickers:: You're madly in love with me? ::is obvious he doesn't even consider this a remote possibility::

Jin: You wish.

Sengoku: ::vastly amused:: Well, it has to be something. A strange and inexplicable reason, no doubt.

Jin: You are strange and inexplicable.

Sengoku: ::laughs as he detaches himself from Jin, getting ready to return to his magical physics quest::

Jin: ::grins::

Sengoku: ::already peering at the shelves in search of a new book, one not so high up this time, perhaps::

Jin: ::returns to searching for the book he was looking for in the first place::