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Taking place on November 25, the afternoon of Sengoku's birthday - Deuce - Matchpoint Role Play Logs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Taking place on November 25, the afternoon of Sengoku's birthday [Nov. 27th, 2003|08:10 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Sengoku has escaped his house and the endlessly ringing phone to visit Kamio. Sakuno is coming home from shopping. They collide and then talk. Then TEH EVIL Fuji appears on the scene. A smiling war is initiated before Sakuno defeats it soundly with puzzlement. Sengoku and Fuji teach Sakuno the ways of yelling at boys and she departs as the groceries begin to melt. More war of the boys. A truce? Then jingle all the way!

Sengoku: ::whistling a merry little tune as he strolls down a lane of shops:: ::he's dressed casually, if warmly against the winter cold, complete with blinding yellow parka and his green scarf with it's silver bells -- the bells provide a nice accompanyment to his whistling:: :;a backpack is bouncing along behind him::

Sakuno: ::is, meanwhile walking in the other direction; she's looking mostly unexceptional, except for a large sweater and a bag with a few grocery items she was supposed to pick up, and is on her way home now:: ::her energy is spent mostly on avoiding the crowd; late afternoon is, apparently, a popular time for the shoppers who are already preparing for Christmas, and she has to exercise a little effort to not run into them::

Sengoku: ::turns from a window, not looking where's he's going at all, and promptly runs into Sakuno, who is dodging someone else:;

Sakuno: Aah! ::she stumbles, almost dropping her groceries and hitting a shop wall::

Sakuno: ::what was that?::

Sengoku: ::what was that? it made a noise!:: ::blinks down at Sakuno for a moment, startled, before reaching out automatically to help right her:: Ahh! Sakuno-chan! I'm sorry!

Sakuno: Ah . . . ::. . . dizzy . . .::--Oh! Sengoku-san?

Sakuno: I'm, ah, fine . . . . ::tries to collect herself, embarrassed::

Sengoku: ::smiles, somewhat ruefully:: Neh, I should have looked where I was going.

Sakuno: So should I!

Sengoku: ::sticks his hands back into his pockets and leans back on his heels:: ::still smiling:: How are you? Is your Ryouma-report going well?

Sakuno: I ::wait! realization!::--aah! You . . . uh, you know about that?

Sengoku: Well ... yeah. I read your journal. ::tilts head:: Of course, I read everyone's journal. ::smile:; They're very entertaining.

Sakuno: . . . Oh.

Sengoku: ::curious:: Who all do you read?

Sakuno: I, uh . . . well, Ryoma-kun's, now . . . . And the people Ann-chan has as friends, which I guess is everyone, though I skip over a lot because I don't know who very many of them are.

Sakuno: I don't get most of it, actually . . . .

Sengoku: It gets pretty confusing ... ::nods::

Sakuno: Mhm.

Sakuno: . . . So, uh . . . ::what's something interesting she can say?:: What are you doing here?

Fuji: *is shopping for christmas presents in the Mall when he sees a familiar figure talking to yamabuki's player, he hasn't seen the young girl much lately and there being nothing interesting to do at the moment *translation:no evil* decided to be social* Sakuno-chan *carrying voice*

Sengoku: I'm on my way to visit Kamio. ::looks up at the sound of someone calling a Sakuno ... ::

Sakuno: Huh? ::looks around--surely someone can't be calling for her::

Fuji: *waves a hand as he comes closer and calls her again, a pleasant smile on his face* Sakuno-chan!

Sengoku: ::smiles in that happy happy way of his at the appearance of the prodigy::

Sakuno: Oh! Fuji-senpai!

Fuji: *has this general smile that encompasses all people in the area, well we assume it does since you can't really see his eyes* Out on a date? *amused tone*

Sakuno: W--what? I, uh . . . no, I just ran into Sengoku-san now . . . . ::goes red::

Sakuno: ::it's as if everyone around is conspiring to cause embarrassment lately::

Sengoku: ::smiles, well, he was already smiling, but it's a slightly different smile -- he has whole slews of smiles:: You could say that.

Sengoku: A date to meet and retreat, neh, Sakuno-chan?

Sakuno: I . . . huh? ::blink::

Fuji: *an eyebrow raised slightly and the smile twists just a bit* Saa, retreating? Fighting a war are we?

Sakuno: ::is confused::

Sakuno: ::but . . . Sengoku-san said he was on a date with her, she feels strangely fluffy and elated::

Sengoku: ::still smiling, it's like breeding itself or something:: Yes, one must visit the poor casualties.

Fuji: *smile is fixed in place* Sou. *almost to himself* So callous not to spare a lady's sensibilities, visiting causlaties who might be severely wounded *blinks and smiles a bit wider, one twitch of muscle that made the smile somehow more predatory* did I say that outloud? *innocent innocent smile*

Sakuno: ::big words! It takes her a few moments to realize that the're talking about, uh, whoever Sengoku said he was going to visit in the hospital:: I'm, uh . . . . ::and she fits in there too, but she can't figure out how::

Sengoku: ::smile remains unaffected:: ::nods:: Ah, but beauty can hide such strength. ::hand over heart:: And one's duty must come before love.

Sakuno: ::. . . love?::

Fuji: *eyebrows do not raise any further in incredulity but somehow there is a feeling that they did, its one of those nonverbal things that come in handy* I see. Duty permits love to be dragged in then but will not stop for such things. *laced by neutral disdain*

Sakuno: ::if only she understood all these . . . well, she thinks they're metaphors::

Sengoku: ::nods at Fuji, almost as if acknowledging the point, but nah ... who acknowledges points in war?:: ::smiles at Sakuno:: Neh, that's why it's meet and retreat instead of meet and haul off to tackle Kamio.

Sakuno: I . . . mhm. ::she's given up, it's best to just smile and nod::

Fuji: I'm sure Sakuno-chan has her own opinion on that. *looks expectantly at Sakuno*

Sakuno: I, uh . . . actually, I . . . well . . . . Um, what are you two talking about? ::oh, the embarrassment::

Sengoku: ::grins:: We're having a little verbal spar. Neh, you need to get mad and yell at us.

Sakuno: Me?

Fuji: *startled at the frankness but you know it doesn't really show* Yes, I believe that would be most logical course of action *smiles at Sakuno*

Sengoku: Of course! You're the lady of the battle!

Sakuno: . . . Really? But . . . I'm not good at yelling, or anything . . . .

Sengoku: It's easy. You do it just like this. ::puts hands on hips and mimics an evil mother glare:: ::voice pitches upward so he can pretend to be a girl:: Stop fighting! You boys are so stupid! Put your rivalries behind you and be friends!

Sakuno: ::blink:: ::blink:: Um . . . okay.

Sengoku: ::stands down, so to speak:: Now you try.

Fuji: *stands to one side, amused, the war forgotten for a moment, wondering at the strangeness of it all*

Sakuno: ::nods; takes a big breath and puts her hands on her hips like Sengoku did:: I--yo--::falters:: um . . . you two should stop fighting! You're, uh, boys, and . . . you're too old to be doing this! Because you're friends!

Sakuno: ::. . . that doesn't sound quite like how Sengoku-san did it::

Fuji: I think you need a bit more volume, Sakuno-chan ^________^

Sengoku: ::cheering:: One more time, with passion!

Sakuno: Oh! Sorry! ::nods:: Um . . . er . . . ::big voice, Sakuno! Big voice!:: Stop fighting! You're so stupid!

Sakuno: ::on reflex:: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

Fuji: Iya, the apology doesn't fit. Try it again without it. *encouraging evilness is always a pleasure XD*

Sengoku: ::nods very sagely:: Once more.

Sakuno: Uh . . . right . . . .

Sakuno: . . . You--both of you! ::clenches her fists, trying so hard to be angry:: S--stop fighting! I told you to stop! ::what else does she say? Um . . .:: You never listen to me! I hate boys, you're so stupid, and confusing, And I don't get you at all!

Sakuno: ::. . . uwah::

Fuji: *remains unfazed* Hmnn, that's passable. Altough you really have to stop losing steam in the end. *reciting faults objectively*

Sakuno: ::why are we doing this, again?::

Sengoku: ::flops against the Fuji, because, yanno, he's there and Sakuno's too short to flop against:: Neh, I think she has it. ::smiles at Sakuno:: That was pretty good.

Sakuno: ::blush:: Thank you.

Sakuno: ::squeaks suddenly as she's almost bumped into by a wandering shopper, and the bag of groceries slips from her hand--ack, dive save!::

Sakuno: ::looks in to see if any of the food is bruised:: . . . ::well, it's not, but she realizes that she's been completely not attending it since she ran into Sengoku-san, and despite the winter chill . . . :: Aah! Oh----my groceries are melting! ::looks up:: I'm sorry, I completely forgot, I was supposed to bring these home . . . .

Sakuno: I, ah, have to go!

Sakuno: I'm sorry!

Sengoku: ::nods to this, he knows the ways of groceries:: It's okay. We'll see you later, Sakuno-chan. ::smiles::

Sakuno: ::waves hastily:: Goodbye!

Sengoku: ::waves after Sakuno's retreating form::

Fuji: *looks pointedly at Sengoku still leaning on him*

Sengoku: ::looks innocently back::

Fuji: *steps back a great big step that imbalances the heavy weight*

Sengoku: ::this has been tried before:: ::steps back with him::

Fuji: *coughs lightly and smiles very very pleasantly as if speaking of pleasant nonsense* Close contact might be detrimental to your health.

Sengoku: Hmmmm ... ::ponders on this:: .... only if you have the plague.

Fuji: Without doubt *firmly though still pleasantly* *gives him another chance to take teh arm off before he employs drastic measures*

Sengoku: ::sounding doubtful:: I dunno ... seems like a small price to pay for such a comfy place to rest.

Fuji: *who is shorter by an insignificant amount for confidence to be affected, seem to magically disappear from under teh sengoku's arm/weight and appeared a few feet away**actually he simultaneously ducked and semi-kneeled and darted out but it sounds better the other way around*

Sengoku: ::his eyes are very good, which is really all that needs to be said -- there is nothing really magical about the disappearance:: ::steps forward to regain the balance and twists a little to smooth the motion out, bringing himself to a casual stance, lifting arms to put hands behind head:: ::grins::

Fuji: *the smile widens a little at the display, sengoku's talent was excellent after all and teh evil could acknowledge it* Always alert I see. Saa, truce? *teh invincible smile*

Sengoku: ::smiles back:: We needed to truce? ::doesn't so much deny the battle as simply not admit to actually having it at all:: ::looks up at the clouds:: Hmmm, Kamio must be getting lonely. ::looks back at Fuji:: Neh, it was nice meeting you, Fuji! Bye! ::gone like the wind, waving behind him as he departs, bells jingling all the way::