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[RP Log: Atobe, Sengoku, Ann, Sakuno] [Nov. 16th, 2003|02:58 am]
Match Point RP Logs


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[mood |dead]
[music |Prince of Tennis - Trial of Luck (Sengoku)]

Summary: Because, oh boy, this is long. Sengoku and Ann meet at the Street Courts to exchange video tapes. Atobe demands a match. Sakuno is lost and wanders in. Sengoku glomps Atobe. Atobe kisses Sengoku. There is tongue. Atobe kisses Ann. Ann tries to slap Atobe. Sengoku and Atobe play a match. Sengoku loses. Atobe is teased about "Mole-sama." Sengoku consoles self in the idea of ice cream. Atobe decides to tag along with the group. Sengoku tickles Atobe.

Then, everyone goes to get ice cream. Sengoku makes Sakuno blush. Ann and Atobe bicker about money. Ann and Atobe actually agree because of the prescene of the "magic spoon." Sengoku and Atobe share an indirect kiss via Ice Cream. Sengoku and Sakuno share an indirect kiss via Ice Cream. Sengoku and Atobe agree to a rematch.

Atobe Does The Street Courts

Fallout? What's fallout? ^_~