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This community is for the purpose of discussion and fiction of Johnny Depp based mpreg, meaning that you have to relate it to Johnny Depp and/or mpreg.

Mpreg being of course, male pregnancy.

Rules for fan fiction:
1. Header information must follow be something similar to this:
Author: *if desired*
Pairing: *if any*
Rating: *G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17*
Archive: *where else fic is posted, also details on what others should do if they want to archive it*
Warnings: *if needed*
Author’s Notes: *if desired*

If you are still unclear on the header format or need a reference, I recommend you click this link which leads to a reference guide made by mystorymydream

2. It must be related to Johnny, so him or his character must be one of the main pairings. He does not have to be the one pregnant.

3. No flaming, complaints, balant author/pairing/style bashing. Everyone is entitled to the same freedom to post whatever their heart desires.

4. Check your story with spell check, read it over or have someone beta it for you. Stories with poor grammar, spelling and mistakes are often tiresome.

5. Drabbles – short ficlets about a paragraph in length are welcomed.

Rules for discussion:
1. It must be related to Johnny Depp and have something to do with mpreg. Mpreg discussion is not for anything non-Depp related, unless you are advertising a new community or talking of mpreg non-fandom related.

2. No bashing/flaming of authors, slash and/or mpreg.

3. Be kind to each other. Mild swearing is allowed, but don't go overboard and write every second word as a swear.

Also, all new members are recommended to fill out the following survey:

Name or Preferred Alias:
Favorite Johnny movie:
Favorite Johnny quote:
Favorite Johnny pairing:
Johnny Depp: mommy or daddy?
Johnny's best pregnant when he's:
Johnny's worst pregnant when he's:
I would like to see this on this community:
I've written this about Johnny:
I like Johnny pregnant because:

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