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"Sweetest Perfection" a Tribute Night to Depeche Mode!!

Takes me completely
Touches so sweetly
Reaches so deeply
Nothing can stop me...

from going to "Sweetest Perfection", the Depeche Mode Tribute party!!!


SIN Sundays brings you the tribute night you've all been asking for... DEPECHE MODE!!!

Join us for an amazing evening with plenty of music by Depeche Mode as well as their side projects and covers. For those of who aren't DM Devotees, there will also be some of your favorite regular music you know and love SIN Sundays for!

Please invite everyone you know to make this the legendary experience we know it will be. And feel free to comment and suggest DM songs you'd love to hear. We'll try our best to get as many requests played as possible!
Thank you and see you there!!!



SIN Sundays

with DJs Slave1 & Roland
@ The Church Nightclub
1160 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO, 80203

$3.00 wines and wells all night
18+ $5 all night
21+ Free before 10pm, $5 after


Hey guys! I saw Depeche Mode last summer and I bought a shirt but it didn't fit me. It's never been worn and a size medium. There's no set price, but I hope to get somewhat as much as I payed for it since it's brand new ($45). Here are some pictures:

front view:

back view:

Contact me at if you're interested, please! :) 
dmkristin, d to the m

Please help

Hey everyone! So Ive started a facebook group to try to help get the guys a shot at playing the Olympics in London! I know its a long shot that my lil group will have any part in them picking who plays, but the more members the better! If anyone would like to join and help spread the word, it'd be great! Thanks!

DM to play Olympics!

This has been x-posted a bit to various DM comms, sorry if this clogs up your friends list! :)
Indie НЕБО

Band: «Indie NEBO»

Band: «Indie NEBO»
Album: «Yes or No» 2009

After several long years experimenting with the sound and musical genres musicians of «Indie NEBO» finally came about unified vision of their own music.
Possibly, this album will become the best new comer and leave its trace in the history of Russian scene. It's hard to label «Indie NEBO's» music with a certain genre and that's why everyone can find something personal and close in it or not find anything at all. This is one of the reasons for the album title «Yes or No».
Along with its own music «Indie NEBO» constantly produces remixes of well known hits, artist and bands including: The Cure, David Guetta, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, EMF, Jesus Jones and others. «Indie НЕБО» do not carry themselves as DJs, they do it to only express their own opinion.
«Indie NEBO's» new album is a «bomb» and it is up to you, when it goes off. The timer with the starting mechanism is on the official web-site of the band:
side-line, ebm, industrial music, synth pop, electro

Massive Depeche Mode Tribute compilation on Alfa Matrix

 Massive Depeche Mode Tribute compilation on Alfa Matrix
Belgium's electro label Alfa Matrix is releasing the massive "Alfa Matrix re:covered - a tribute to Depeche Mode" 2CD compilation. A special webpage was launched as well for this release holding lots of info: . 
As the title suggests already, the compilation unites the electronic sounds from the Alfa Matrix label artists with some of the best songs pop history has ever heard from one single band. All electronic music genres have their very own ambassadors on this double CD compilation including interpretations by Sebastian Komor (Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando, ...), Jean-Luc Demeyer (Front 242), Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) and many more. 32 tracks in total !
IMPORTANT: the first online orders for this compilation will receive a FREE promo only 7-track EPCD featuring alternative versions including a damn danceable version of one of the Jean-Luc De Meyer tracks !! This EP is not available on the market! On top you get a free 18-track label compilation. 4CD's for just 20 Euro. Tracklist, video and ordering info at .
The video displays some of the tracks appearing on the 2CD "Alfa Matrix re:covered - a tribute to Depeche Mode" and on the free EP that comes with the first online orders. YES it does include snippets from the 3 tracks with Jean-Luc on vox !