Chelsey Jane (saccharine_deep) wrote in _deliciouslyemo,
Chelsey Jane

So You Want to be Emo? :P

Location:Utah...yeah, i know.
Sex (We know you want some, and if you say I have a penis we will throw bad stuff at you):female and i'm getting plenty ;P

Wow, I can't live without these things, and if they were taken from the earth I would die

<10 bands: panic! at the disco, motion city soundtrack, dashboard, death cab/postal service (count as one, right?, ronnie day, the Beatles, Pain White T's, Erratic Erotica, Swill, fall out boy
<5 songs: make out kids, swiss army romance, lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, outside, The district sleeps alone tonight
Song lyrics: "i left my conscience pressed between the pages of the keyhole and i watched you dress"
" its a long way down when you're hopes are high as mountains"
" i am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving"
" youth's the most unfaithful mistress, but still we forge ahead to miss her"
" when you tell him that you love him, make sure he knows that you told me that to"
"i've got more wit, a better kiss, a harder fuck a better touch than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me.."

Color: orange, pink, dark brown, deep red
Article of Clothing: my dark jeans, my black lace top, my white skirt, and heels. all my shoes. i love shoes.
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons, Harry Potter, All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren, anything Shakespeare (Hamlet was an emo kid), Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (emo at its finest)
Movie: Life is Beautiful (Italian Film), Garden State, Finding Nemo, Fight Club, Beauty and the Beast
Drink: Diet Coke
Food: Chocolate (preferably Sweet Dark Orange Organic), fried rice and eggrolls, fettucini alfredo,

This is my opinion, don't like it? Eat me, I'm delicious.

You're going to die in 10 minutes, what do you do? I call my boyfriend, best friend, and family and tell them that I love them, I type/write a last message, and then i run and don't stop.

You could pick one person to live on an island with. Who are they? Why did you pick them? My first thought was my boyfriend, Ben because I love him more than anyone, but we don't always get along. So I may choose my best friend Chuck instead, because he is the male version of me, but we are different enough to stand each other.

What's your favorite emotion? Why do you enjoy feeling it? What makes you feel it? What color is it? I would say "Love" because it makes me feel needed and cared for and wanted and attractive and good. Ben, my family, my room, my is pink.

You go to a concert. Do you mosh? Enjoy the music? Find a random kid to make out with? I survived my first-ever mosh pit at the Yellowcard concert two weeks ago. minus a button, a contact, and both shoes. If I were better prepared I'd do it again. I wouldn't go to a concert if i was going to hate the music. If I was single I absolutely would find a random kid to make out wtih.

How emo are you? Hmm...I'd say about 50% emo, but all the emo is emo-licious :D
Why are you deliciously emo? Because I'm not the stereotypical emo kid...I am not a closet-emo kid- I admit it..but not everything about me is emo and I don't try to fake it.
Have any piercings? Tattoos? Glasses? Hats? Favorite accessory? I had my ears pierced four times but they kept gettin infected. I intend to do it again when I turn 18. I don't have a tattoo, I wear contacts and sometimes (emo)glasses. I don't do hats very often, my favorite accessories are belts and bracelets.
Hobbies? Writing, Reading, my internet obsessions, talking on the phone, photography when the opportunity arises, and Tv, but only on sundays.
What do you look like? (3-5 pictures is fine)

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PROMOTE!!! Paste two direct links to other communites or journal where you have promoted this community because it's so damn freaking awesome we want everyone to know about it.
I just discovered this community but I will link to it on my journal and encourage other emo kids to join.

Any last words before we all take a taste?

dig in and enjoy!
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