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Btw, happy Hallmark day to everyone...
Here's my final draft.
Thanks to everyone who put their input in. (sorry for all those weird symbols in there):

February 14th is a day where boyfriends and girlfriends, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and possibly secret crushes go out and buy their loved ones gifts. Every store is packed with people trying to buy candy, flowers, and cards. Restaurants are filled with reservations and long lines. Your dad buys your mom cheap candy, and your boyfriend ends up buying you day old flowers. Sometimes, people really do go all out and buy expensive gifts from Tiffany’s, Kay, and Jared.

Whatever happened to “it’s the thought that counts?” or a little “DIY (do it yourself)?” Like what kindergartners do; they make their own stuff for their parents or they buy cards for their classmates, like making cheap construction paper cards with macaroni noodles or those three-dollar boxed card set. But then they’re forced to stick a card in those horrible heart shaped “mail boxes.” They receive cards from other kids who don’t even like them, but they fool themselves into actually being liked or considered a “cool kid”.

Many people think that the Hallmark Company created Valentine’s Day. Now it really is a great day for businesses. Why do people still make a big deal about Valentine’s Day?

First off, it’s not an actual holiday. You don’t get the day off of school or even a half-day. And secondly, why spend so much on stuff that would be meaningless in a few weeks? It’s dumb. It’s a waste of time and money…and even your love.

Sure, your parents are still together, but what about those high school “sweethearts” that will always stay together through thick and thin? There is the highest probability that nearly every couple will break up and never get back together after spending a large amount of money on their significant other. They’ve just wasted money on love that they can’t buy back. Way to go.

Couples experience pressure like they’ve never had before. They HAVE to buy flowers for the girlfriends. They HAVE to buy candy to show how sweet they think they are. And dinner. Dinner needs to be romantic.
Couples seem to have the need for a cheesy commercialized 24-hours period to justify their relationship for all to see. Is there a crazy law out there that says if you don’t pronounce or show their love, then you must not love your partner?

What kind of messed up commercialized day is this?

Nobody should write any kind of rule for a “holiday” that’s not even a holiday. Let alone to tell you how you should show your love to someone special.

Valentine’s day is over-rated and just ridiculous. Love should be celebrated everyday, whether with a significant other or not. It’s called mutual love, people, and it doesn’t hurt to love your friends.
It’s already bad enough that elementary school kids have to hand out Valentine cards to kids they do or don’t like or how it puts so much pressure on a couple to be the best couple in the world by showing it on Valentine’s day.

Shouldn’t your loved one like (or in this case, love) the way you are and what you do for them?
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