M-Duh (iamagirlbassist) wrote in _deliciouslyemo,

I have a question to all you single people.

I'm writing a story on how over-rated Valentine's Day is...and I wanna know your thoughts.

"Let’s steer away from the couples, and go to the single people. This is such a depressing time for us single folks. Yes, we have our friends to give those cheap Valentine cards to and our families to think about, but what about that special someone?
There isn’t a special someone. Single people just sit there on the sidelines watching other lovey-dovey couples stroll by sucking face and holding hands, giggling and looking starry-eyed.
There’s already enough of that in school as it is.
Valentine’s day is over-rated and just ridiculous. Love should be celebrated everyday, whether with a significant other or not. It’s called mutual love, people, and it doesn’t hurt to love your friends."

That was just a couple paragraphs from my article.
I need a single person's pov to get this done. I'd prefer the negative side, but if you've got some good, sweet, but I prefer the negative.

Thanks guys!
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