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Omg, why am I getting sick again?
So not cool.
My head really hurts; it could probably kill me.
My hands are really really uber cold.
I need a hug...and some hot green tea.
Moriah is a shit/two-faced bitch.
I'm so sick of people who do that kind of shit.
This is not a great time to be angry...I've got finals starting today.
Here's another half-baked poem written a year ago:


Nobody ever says "hi" anymore
and nobody ever says "I love you".
How do people live like this
without any of these things?
That's insane and loveless.

Nobody ever says "hi" to me anymore
and no one ever says "I love you".
How do I live like this
without any of these things?
That's loveless.

Nobody is awake inside.
They live a pretend life; all fake.
There's no energy; no spark.
How can there be life
when there isn't a single soul alive?

Why isn't there anybody for me?
Why doesn't someone come looking?
Can't anyone hear me cry?
Doesn't anyone see the hurt on my face?
Can't anyone hear me scream?

No, not a single soul can.

Nobody says "hi" anymore
and nobody says "I love you".

I guess I'm a nobody.
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