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Daddy's Little Girl

This was one of the few crap ass poems that I've written 6 or so months ago.
Me and my dad are okay now, but not quite there yet.

Daddy's Little Girl

You never knew how much I needed you.
You always turned your back on me.
I call out "Dad" all the time,
but I guess you just can't hear me.

You know that I will never be
a "daddy's little girl".
I guess you care more for that little boy
than you ever will for me.

Should I be sorry that I was born a girl?
No, but I am sorry that you're not a good father figure.
I guess you have always wanted a boy first
because you always count me second.

I try to do a million things
just to get your attention,
but everything I do never
seems to impress you, anyway.

I am always scared of you
and I try and hide.
Maybe it is the way you yell at me
or those threats you throw at my face.

What is a "daddy's little girl"?
You were never my hero;
that super man I needed
when I was scared.

I am giving up on you.
I feel neglected and unwanted.
Go ahead and spend time with that little boy
because I will never be a daddy's little girl.
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