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Another poem.
My gawd, I'm obessesed with re-editing these poems.
But that's a good thing.
In other news...I'm still happy.

This is the time
And this is the place
To scream my pain away;
To fix my bleeding
Broken heart.

I wish you could feel
The pain
In my hoarse throat,
My bleeding heart,
My tormented soul.

Oh, how you would know
What goes through my mind
Just by taking in everything
That I could not possibly endure.

I let it all out
Through that blood filled scream.

I scream until my throat bleeds;
A warm river of blood
Trickling down my throat
And into that empty nothingness.

I scream until my heart tears in two.
With my mixed emotions
Spreading out like the ocean.

I'm suffocating beneath this
Sea of screams;
Smothering me, choking me,
Slamming me to the ground.

As I rise
And fall once more,
I hide myself away
And just listen to
The screamer.

I wrote this when I was uberly depressed a year ago.
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