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Arms Wide Open

Okay, here's another poem, but I really hate this one.
I don't know why, but I had to write this a while back because I was just feeling gross about myself and I really really cared about people who just upped and left.
And just because it's pretty emo.

Arms Wide Open

Here I am,
pouring my heart out
and my arms are wide opne
for you to fall into,
but you're not there.

The only thing I catch
are my memories of you.

All this time
I really thought that
you were going to be there for me.
You're nothing now.

You called me your friend;
the one that you run to,
but the way you treat me now
wasn't the person I knew
long ago.

If only you knew
how I really feel;
not only about you,
but life itself.

If you really were my friend,
then you would know
that I cry myself to sleep
and that I beat myself up
for wondering why
you left me in the
first place.

I don't know you anymore
and I still don't know hwy
you won't tell me anything,
but I want you to know
that I will always have my
arms wide open
just for you.

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