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And all I know is revenge is sweet... [entries|friends|calendar]
emo kids that are just delicious

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My Application [13 Jul 2007|05:23am]

[ mood | tired ]


(Bold answers, yea we know it blows, but it's just so much easier
to read, we don't want to have to over work our deliciously emo selves. If it floats your boat you can use any legible color that fits your fantsy.)

And we'll start with the basics.
Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Location: Louisville, KY
Sex (We know you want some, and if you say I have a penis we will throw bad stuff at you): Female

Wow, I can't live without these things, and if they were taken from the earth I would die.

<10 bands:
Nada Surf
The Spill Canvas
Maria Mena (may not be emo but she rocks out loud)
Taking Back Sunday (please don't hate me for TBS)
Bright Eyes
The Postal Service
Nightmare of You
Boys Like Girls

Yes I am aware that some of these bands aren't necessarily emo, but they are great bands and I pride myself on having slightly eclectic tastes.

<5 songs:
Popular - Nada Surf
Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes
Thumbelina - Nightmare of You
All Hail the Heartbreaker - Spill Canvas (totally cliched I apologize)
Calling You - Blue October

Song lyrics:
"Don't you feed me lines about some idealistic future. Your heart won't heal right if you keep tearing out the sutres." - The Postal Service (Nothing Better)
"Heaven's not a place that you go when you die; its that moment in life when you actually feel alive." - The Spill Canvas (The Tide)
"No one is alone the way you're alone." - Dashboard Confessional (Dusk and Summer)
"Not even hell can be hotter than you right now." - The Spill Canvas (Break a Leg)
"Fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore. She loves salting my wounds, yeah she enjoys nothing more." - The Spill Canvas (Polygraph, Right Now)
"Hide behind your half smile." - Anberlin (Adelaide)
"I know a drugstore cowgirl, so afraid of getting bored. She's always running from something, so many things ignored." - 311 (Beautiful Disaster)
"Rather die young than get old." - Kill Hannah (Boys and Girls)

Color: Black, Blue, Light purple.
Article of Clothing: My offwhite zip up hoodie... Its actually more of a sweater with a hood, but I'm in love with it.
Book: Love, Sarah or Faultline.
Movie: Brick
Drink: Pink lemonade (non alcoholic); Screwdriver (alcoholic)
Food: Chicken potpies.

This is my opinion, don't like it? Eat me, I'm delicious.

You're going to die in 10 minutes, what do you do? Honestly, I would put on some good music and have sex with someone. Just a quickie. If I'm going to die, I would much rather die with a killer soundtrack and sex. Of course, in the last seconds, I'd write down something to let my friends and family know I loved them, just because its who I am, but I think the priorities would be music and sex.

You could pick one person to live on an island with. Who are they? Why did you pick them? I think I'd choose, oh god shoot me for saying this, but my ex-boyfriend. He's hilarious and we finally get along. Sure, by the end of being alone on the island I'd probably kill him. Which brings along another good point for bringing him along... If he irritated me too badly and there was no food on the island, I would actually consider cannibalism. But only as a last resort. Oh another reason I'd choose him, besides the fact that he's easy to get along with and funny is because he'd bring his guitar and entertain me for awhile. We're also both on the loner side, so we would be able to go on the other side of the island and not worry about being intruded on when we're trying to get alone time.

What's your favorite emotion? Why do you enjoy feeling it? What makes you feel it? What color is it? My favorite emotion... Okay that one's actually a very hard question for me. I think my favorite emotion is that split second of happiness you get when you succeed. Its different from actual happiness because it doesn't linger, its just there and its better than any other emotion. I feel it when I do something that I'm proud of, but its not pride. I guess this emotion doesn't have a name. If happiness and pride were to have a quickie, this would be the orgasm... (Okay I'm going to shoot myself for typing that one.) As for a color for this emotion, I'm thinking a light purple. I don't know why, but lavender always makes me think of this split second emotion.

You go to a concert. Do you mosh? Enjoy the music? Find a random kid to make out with? It depends on the concert. If I were to go to a mellow concert, I wouldn't be moshing. Or if I went to a really big concert, because I have slight people claustrophobia. However, at small local shows I do sometimes get into the mosh pit, then run out after a few seconds about to have a mild panic attack. On occasion, I do find a random kid to make out with, depending on the mood. But ultimately, if I paid to go to a concert I'm going to enjoy the music. After all, CDs are great, but live is the ultimate way to experience music.

How emo are you? I was emo before emo was cool.
Why are you deliciously emo? I'm deliciously emo because I don't fit the emo stereotype exactly. I don't dress the way that a lot of 'emo' kids do, though I have my moments (especially with my little skull shoes and my bracelets.) I think I'm deliciously emo because while I have emo tendencies, I don't fit perfectly into a box. That makes it all the more delicious because its like an emo kid wrapped up in eclectic clothing.
Have any piercings? Tattoos? Glasses? Hats? Favorite accessory? I have my ears pierced three times in my left ear (cartilidge and two lobe piercings) and two in my right (just the lobe). I also have my naval pierced. No, none of these peircings are guaged and I don't have any facial piercings. That's primarily because I'm going into the criminal justice field and that's a little frowned upon. I have two tattoos, a small ankh on my left hand and a tribal butterfly design on my lower back. Both of these tattoos have deep meaning to me, ranging from an ex-boyfriend to a best friend/anniversary present.) I wear glasses, because I'm half blind without them. They aren't thick glasses because my face shape doesn't support that. As for hats, I barely wear them. I have to for work and that's about it. My favorite accessory would be my bracelets. Yes, they are sex bracelets (cliche and trite I know) but they just seem to go right with my personality. I have several different colors and never take them off.
Hobbies? Surfing the internet, listening to music, working at the campus radio station (DJ during the school year), hanging out with my friends, walking, writing.
What do you look like? (3-5 pictures is fine) I'd give pictures, but I unfortunately don't have a digital camera. So instead, I'll give a description. I'm 5'9 and slender. I have dark brown hair that turns light brown/reddish blonde closer to the bottom due to hair dye. I always wear my hair up in a ponytail, mainly because of work and also because its easier. I have hazel eyes and I used to have an eyeliner addiction (meaning I had to have it constantly) but now I'm more into the plain faced look. When I do wear eyeliner, its very dark and drastic, and used only to draw attention to my eyes.

PROMOTE!!! Paste two direct links to other communites or journal where you have promoted this community because it's so damn freaking awesome we want everyone to know about it.
I'm still slightly unknown around LJ. But I do promise to promote when I join other groups.

Any last words before we all take a taste?
I know that some of my answers seemed a little cliche, and a few also have seemed off the wall, but that's the kind of person I am. I'm not completely cliche, but I am off the wall. I don't try to hide who I am behind the screen with flowery language. This application is just me... Also, yes I know Maria Mena is not emo. But the woman has beautiful music and you asked for my favorite bands, which I interpreted musicians. I only put ten, because that's what you asked for. But in this area, I must give my other two that I'm addicted to currently. Tyler Hilton and Ronnie Day. So, enjoy the application and judge away. I am proud to say that while Taking Back Sunday is mainstream, I do listen to it and will continue listening to them.

(Before you post, it may be a GREAT idea to go back and look at your application. We don't mean to nag you, but we have been known to immediately dislike people if they leave questions blank, misuse an lj-cut, don't post pictures, aren't original enough, or have weak opinion answers. We want to know about you, that's what the application is for. Don't post this unless you are absolutely positive it is ready. May I suggest using the PREVIEW button, it's there for a reason.)

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So You Want to be Emo? :P [11 May 2006|04:43pm]

Location:Utah...yeah, i know.
Sex (We know you want some, and if you say I have a penis we will throw bad stuff at you):female and i'm getting plenty ;P

Wow, I can't live without these things, and if they were taken from the earth I would die

<10 bands: panic! at the disco, motion city soundtrack, dashboard, death cab/postal service (count as one, right?, ronnie day, the Beatles, Pain White T's, Erratic Erotica, Swill, fall out boy
<5 songs: make out kids, swiss army romance, lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, outside, The district sleeps alone tonight
Song lyrics: "i left my conscience pressed between the pages of the keyhole and i watched you dress"
" its a long way down when you're hopes are high as mountains"
" i am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving"
" youth's the most unfaithful mistress, but still we forge ahead to miss her"
" when you tell him that you love him, make sure he knows that you told me that to"
"i've got more wit, a better kiss, a harder fuck a better touch than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me.."

Color: orange, pink, dark brown, deep red
Article of Clothing: my dark jeans, my black lace top, my white skirt, and heels. all my shoes. i love shoes.
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons, Harry Potter, All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren, anything Shakespeare (Hamlet was an emo kid), Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (emo at its finest)
Movie: Life is Beautiful (Italian Film), Garden State, Finding Nemo, Fight Club, Beauty and the Beast
Drink: Diet Coke
Food: Chocolate (preferably Sweet Dark Orange Organic), fried rice and eggrolls, fettucini alfredo,

This is my opinion, don't like it? Eat me, I'm delicious.

You're going to die in 10 minutes, what do you do? I call my boyfriend, best friend, and family and tell them that I love them, I type/write a last message, and then i run and don't stop.

You could pick one person to live on an island with. Who are they? Why did you pick them? My first thought was my boyfriend, Ben because I love him more than anyone, but we don't always get along. So I may choose my best friend Chuck instead, because he is the male version of me, but we are different enough to stand each other.

What's your favorite emotion? Why do you enjoy feeling it? What makes you feel it? What color is it? I would say "Love" because it makes me feel needed and cared for and wanted and attractive and good. Ben, my family, my room, my dog....it is pink.

You go to a concert. Do you mosh? Enjoy the music? Find a random kid to make out with? I survived my first-ever mosh pit at the Yellowcard concert two weeks ago. minus a button, a contact, and both shoes. If I were better prepared I'd do it again. I wouldn't go to a concert if i was going to hate the music. If I was single I absolutely would find a random kid to make out wtih.

How emo are you? Hmm...I'd say about 50% emo, but all the emo is emo-licious :D
Why are you deliciously emo? Because I'm not the stereotypical emo kid...I am not a closet-emo kid- I admit it..but not everything about me is emo and I don't try to fake it.
Have any piercings? Tattoos? Glasses? Hats? Favorite accessory? I had my ears pierced four times but they kept gettin infected. I intend to do it again when I turn 18. I don't have a tattoo, I wear contacts and sometimes (emo)glasses. I don't do hats very often, my favorite accessories are belts and bracelets.
Hobbies? Writing, Reading, my internet obsessions, talking on the phone, photography when the opportunity arises, and Tv, but only on sundays.
What do you look like? (3-5 pictures is fine)
Here are my pics, I'm saving page spaceCollapse )

PROMOTE!!! Paste two direct links to other communites or journal where you have promoted this community because it's so damn freaking awesome we want everyone to know about it.
I just discovered this community but I will link to it on my journal and encourage other emo kids to join.

Any last words before we all take a taste?

dig in and enjoy!
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Cross-posting [27 Feb 2006|02:01pm]

Hey, have you seen the video Casey from Hawthorne Heights made with peta2? He's such a nice guy! http://www.peta2.com/OUTTHERE/o-hawthorne_kfc.asp?c=st83

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[14 Feb 2006|12:11pm]

[ mood | headache ]

Btw, happy Hallmark day to everyone...
Here's my final draft.
Thanks to everyone who put their input in. (sorry for all those weird symbols in there):

Omg, I had like 300 calories today, that is so not sexyCollapse )

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bayside community! [11 Feb 2006|09:56pm]

Come join us! Talk about bayside, and talk to people who love bayside. we are a small community, help us build it up! please come join us, and have some fun talking about the best band ever!

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[24 Jan 2006|09:35am]

I have a question to all you single people.

I'm writing a story on how over-rated Valentine's Day is...and I wanna know your thoughts.

"Let’s steer away from the couples, and go to the single people. This is such a depressing time for us single folks. Yes, we have our friends to give those cheap Valentine cards to and our families to think about, but what about that special someone?
There isn’t a special someone. Single people just sit there on the sidelines watching other lovey-dovey couples stroll by sucking face and holding hands, giggling and looking starry-eyed.
There’s already enough of that in school as it is.
Valentine’s day is over-rated and just ridiculous. Love should be celebrated everyday, whether with a significant other or not. It’s called mutual love, people, and it doesn’t hurt to love your friends."

That was just a couple paragraphs from my article.
I need a single person's pov to get this done. I'd prefer the negative side, but if you've got some good, sweet, but I prefer the negative.

Thanks guys!
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[14 Dec 2005|09:54am]

[ mood | cold ]

Omg, why am I getting sick again?
So not cool.
My head really hurts; it could probably kill me.
My hands are really really uber cold.
I need a hug...and some hot green tea.
Moriah is a shit/two-faced bitch.
I'm so sick of people who do that kind of shit.
This is not a great time to be angry...I've got finals starting today.
Here's another half-baked poem written a year ago:

Cold handsCollapse )

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Daddy's Little Girl [12 Dec 2005|12:13pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

This was one of the few crap ass poems that I've written 6 or so months ago.
Me and my dad are okay now, but not quite there yet.

I feel sleepyCollapse )

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[09 Dec 2005|11:56am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I have a totally random question...

has anyone ever used a guitar slide on a bass before?
My friend Colby said that he did and it was pretty sick.
He played it for me and now I'm tempted to try it.

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Screamer [08 Dec 2005|12:11pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Another poem.
My gawd, I'm obessesed with re-editing these poems.
But that's a good thing.
In other news...I'm still happy.

Around the HeartCollapse )

I wrote this when I was uberly depressed a year ago.

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Arms Wide Open [07 Dec 2005|12:15pm]

[ mood | emo ]

Okay, here's another poem, but I really hate this one.
I don't know why, but I had to write this a while back because I was just feeling gross about myself and I really really cared about people who just upped and left.
And just because it's pretty emo.

I've got youCollapse )

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Newbie [06 Dec 2005|12:12pm]

newbieCollapse )
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[02 Oct 2005|07:46pm]


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oh yeah [16 Sep 2005|08:16am]


oh yeah. you know you like it. p&t
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[14 Sep 2005|08:45pm]

so is it just me or are chainletters fucking gay?

: Repost this within 5 minutes if you looking for that special someone ..
.....and make the title NO GIRLFRIEND if ur a boy
.....and NO BOYFRIEND if ur a girl
.....but if your taken put taken

AnD a miracle will happen tonite.

P.S. Do not ignore you will regret it

what the hell.
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[07 Aug 2005|09:19pm]

promoCollapse )
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[18 Jul 2005|04:18pm]

promoCollapse )
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[28 Jun 2005|01:43am]


This community is dead.   And I no longer wish to be the moderator af a bunch of whiney teenage brats.





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[12 Jun 2005|02:59pm]

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[12 Jun 2005|09:01am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
First 30 auto accepted/rejected. _______goldfish
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