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_degrassitng's Journal

Degrassi Source
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Posts are moderated to prevent spam and multiple posts relating to the same topic

01. All posts must be related to Degrassi. No off-topic posts about other things (including introduction posts). Anything not relating to Degrassi will not be approved.
02. Spoilers of any sort must be marked as so, and placed behind an LJ-cut. In addtion, very long posts, as well as articles should be behind an LJ-cut as well.

If you're not familar with an LJ-cut, please copy this:

03. Don't inquire about where to download episodes! While many of us download, it is illegal, and therefore, we can't permit distribution of copyrighted materials through this community.
04. Picture/Graphics of any sort (pictures, screencaps, icons, banners, headers, layouts, desktop backgrounds) may be posted, but must be placed behind an LJ-cut. Don't ask how to make graphics, or requests, as this isn't the place to get that information.
05. Promotions for Degrassi related sites/communities/journals are permitted, but any images must be placed behind a cut. Promotions for RPGs are, however, not permitted. Please visit degrassi_rpgads to promote an RPG community.
06. Be respectful of Maintainers, Moderators, and all members. If I have to warn any member more than twice, you will be removed from the community for disrupting the peace.

We reserve the right to delete any posts and comments, or remove any members at ANY time. If I see any rules being broken, I will give a warning. If any member breaks a rule more than twice, they will be banned and removed from the community.


Founded & Owned by: hipswithdreams on March 8, 2005
Co-Maintained by: ghett0valleygrl