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you love it

27 cassie steele

your co-mod, nicole aka ghett0valleygrl here on my icon journal!
woo hoo! i had to celebrate the release of cassie's new cd somehow hahaha. ;)
i just made these today while i laid out of school, but it didn't take me long to finish them. i have to say that i am madly in love with them, and if they were people, i might consider marrying them all.
as always, for icons i've made in the past, check out my icon journal here. nikkibob_icons
of course no spoilers, because it's just cassie steele. and if you're a prude, very slight language under the cut.
you know how it goes.. comment//save//credit! let me know which ones you are taking, also. :)

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Wild Gaskarth

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Icons of Marco and Marco/Craig. I fiddled around with my PSP and the Icons, let me know which ones you like, which ones you don't. Contains Spoilers.

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Say does anyone know the story behind this photo of Dylan and the mystery man?

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Random ponderment.

Such a random thought. I'm watching Holiday, and everytime I watch it, I can't help but notice Spinner wearing that fugly green hat in every scene. But yet this is basically the only episode you ever see the hat. But anyway.

Has anyone noticed that his hair sticks out of the hat like little blonde horns? It's weird.

And for serious, WTF happened to Sheila? She gets a mention [sort of] in Voices Carry (Shelly...), but why has she left us? I miss her.