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set out to prove that degrassi rocks like no other

degrassi is the love
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Hey. And welcome to my humble little community, _degrassilove.
Basically, be a nice person and you'll be fine around here. If you promote your community, it has to have something to do with Degrassi or one of the actors. Role play community promotion is frowned upon here, but still welcome. If you promote with a banner larger than 200x200 put it under and Lj-cut or it'll be deleted. Or if your post is more than seven
paragraphs long, under and Lj-cut, just so that the community doesn't get to cluttered.
We want to be nice to our friends the Dial-up crew, right? So yes. But seriously guys ...
WELCOME! We already love you and want to be your best friend. So get to posting! Should it
be icons or just a random post on how hot you think Jake Epstein is, it's completely welcome
and encouraged. Just have fun with this!

Thanks and have lotso fun, guys.
- fordegrassilove


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